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Broaddus: Butler was pretty impressive in minicamps

Here’s Bryan Broaddus giving us a recap on the recent minicamp, read here. Best Player(s): I am going to give you two players that really stood out to me each day and they both come from the defensive side of … Continue reading

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Evidence Hatcher definitely can’t be team leader

Jason Hatcher recently got his name in the papers for throwing his teammates under the bus by saying the Cowboys have no team leaders. Now he insults all women fans on Twitter while arguing with some fan who criticied the … Continue reading

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Where are the team leaders disputing Jason Hatcher?

Goose Gosselin makes some excellent points in this edition of Sportsday Onair, but the point about no players coming out to hold Jason Hatcher accountable for throwing his teammates under the bus while telling the fans that the Cowboys do … Continue reading

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Hatcher was talking to DeMarcus Ware today

After all the talk about the Cowboys not having enough leadership in the locker room we now have Jason Hatcher basically calling out DeMarcus Ware today… Hatcher on Ben and Skin – Feb 17 You can’t convince me that Jason … Continue reading

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