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Everson Walls talks with Mo Claiborne on DFW Sportsbeat

Everson Walls was one of my favorite players back in the day. Great to see him talking ball with Mo Claiborne… Attacking the ball is exactly what the Cowboys want him to do on Sundays. I really hope Carr and … Continue reading

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Everson Walls talks Cowboys on DFW Sportsbeat

Here’s Everson Walls on DFW Sportsbeat talking Cowboys with Brady Tinker recently… I want nothing to do with Rex Grossman. Would much rather have Jason Campbell as the backup QB for the 2012 season.

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Everson Walls talks ‘The Catch’ on DFW Sportsbeat

Everson Walls talks about ‘The Catch’ on DFW Sportsbeat… That game was probably the first time I felt the real pain a tough loss could be for me as it took me weeks to stop reliving it over again and … Continue reading

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