About the Blog

Here at the blog we are all about providing you with any kind of info about the Dallas Cowboys that can be found. The goal is to allow fans access to things they may have missed during their days of living life dealing with work, family and friends.

I love hearing from fans who say that they missed an interview or couldn’t find something on the web and knowing they can come here to see or hear it.

When I was 8 years old living in NY and loving the Dallas Cowboys I had few resources to choose from for my Cowboys news and info. I love taking the time to keep this blog going because I would have loved for this thing to be around when I was 8, lol.

It’s pretty rare that people label me a homer. There may be times when it seems like I may be going too hard with the criticism of the team, but it’s only because I have a high standard for them and want the best for this franchise. Trust me. If I hear some Eagles, Giants or Redskins fan bashing the Cowboys I give them hell. As Cowboys fans we are allowed to give them shit because we are family.

If you have any thoughts or questions you can shoot me an email at contact@dcfanatic.com


One Response to About the Blog

  1. chris says:

    i really enjoy listening to the feeds u post of “the football show” w/bryan broaddus .. unfortunately i’m not available when it airs live on dallas/espn radio .. i didn’t see a recent upload for last saturday’s show and thought maybe they didn’t do one .. anyway thanks for the great work .. appreciate it greatly



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