Romo: “I have Dez Bryant’s back and he knows this”

Tony Romo is sticking by his teammate which was expected from the team leader…

All of his teammates are going have his back, but if this leads to a suspension I am sure some players will react harshly with Dez in private. And that’s the right move.

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9 Responses to Romo: “I have Dez Bryant’s back and he knows this”

  1. chunk chavez says:

    Interesting he said that a lot of the Cowboys didn’t vote on the Top 100 list. The NFL network presents it as a thing that all the NFL players vote on but that clearly isn’t the case.

    • Glenn says:

      Not the 1st time I’ve heard that about the voting for the NFLN Top 100. It’s likely just for the buzz. When I saw Romo listed at 91, I stopped watching it, because it would only get worse.

  2. Glenn says:

    THe last few days I’ve questioned the reliability of Saint Angela due to her sordid past. Here’s a paragraph from Spagnola’s column today saying virtually the same thing.

    “Now there are reports out that Dez has admitted to doing whatever Angela said, but I find it quite curious on how most people are taking a woman who has been arrested 17 times – twice for preventing her son from attending school while growing up – at her word. In her own rage, is there at least a slim chance she embellished what actually took place? Just a slim?”

    This is the kind of drama some people expected from day one. It’s a sad story of this young man’s life and until last Saturday night, for all the bad and wrong in his life he had been able to stay away from being arrested. It’s disturbing that she would be the one to be the one to have him arrested. She accepts it as 2nd nature being arrested 17 times, so this was very “normal” for her. We’ll see how it plays out, but according to Mickey’s column she’s already back tracking from the story.

    • Anonymous says:

      But the charges are going to the DA, so if she is back-tracking shouldn’t she drop the charges?

      • Glenn says:

        I think the DA can move forward on their own. However, if her story changes they would likely drop the charges and not waste their time. Her track record isn’t great with the police so its doubtful it would go forward. A few years ago charges were filed against her for misleading the police, so this isn’t uncharted territory for her.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    I remember when Michael Irvin was on trial, Troy Aikman was the only player who showed up to support him. Emmitt Smith didn’t, and neither did anyone else.

    So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Tony Romo is standing up for Dez Bryant. That’s what a quarterback does, stand up for his teammates.

    Oh, and about that trial of Irvin, it was a total setup. The Dallas PD was being investigated by the DEA at the time for alledgedly taking drugs from dealers and re-selling them. So in order to direct attention away from themselves, they staged a fake drug bust of the most prominent figure they could, a Cowboy naturally.

    Michael Irvin never tested positive on any drug test. He did have a thing with the ladies though and has admitted his indiscretions in public, although the last time I checked that is not a crime. Still, he was the perfect fall guy. Just put him in a hotel room with a couple of strippers who have cocaine, burst in and arrest him. Voila, the DEA investigation is off the front page.

    Only Aikman stood up for Irvin. That says a lot about his character. His teammate, his friend, was in a time of trouble, and he stood up to show his support, without any concern about the negative publicity surrounding the case. That is the mark of a man.

    Much the same can be said of Romo. He didn’t need to get involved in this controversy. He does need to have his teammate know that he supports him.

    If Bryant or Austin miss any significant playing this season, the offense will struggle mightily. Romo understands that, and he wants Bryant to understand he has his back.

    As far as the DA goes, this is a slam dunk case. Bryant has confessed to the crime. If charges are pursued, the verdict is pre-determined.

    My main concern is what kind of effect this will on the team, in the locker room and on the field. Romo made a step in the right direction though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please!!! Let Dez Bryant be in a hotel room with strippers and cocaine or get caught with a crackpipe in his glove compartment and see how fast you guys come on here ripping him apart.

      • The Soothsayer says:

        I’m not ripping Dez Bryant apart. He deserves his day in court and in the arena of public opinion. But he has confessed to the crime.

        It’s not like with Michael Irvin, who was set up. As if the police were able to arrange for Dez to assault his mother. Get real.

        The only thing that concerns me is how this affects the Dallas Cowboys. Romo made the right choice to stand up for his teammate. I haven’t seen anyone else do so, not even Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett. That ought to tell you something.

        • Glenn says:

          Sorry, I only heard that one person said that there someone inside the PD said he did confess. Not 100% sure of a confession?

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