New School: Warren Moon talks Dez Bryant

Warren Moon dissed Dez Bryant back in January and today he joined New School to talk Cowboys…

Warren Moon on New School

Everyone seems to be saying the locker room leaders need to address Dez about his issues and I agree. Those peers are who Dez respects the most. The problem is I don’t see anyone of the guys on this team who would be willing to be hard on Dez to help better the team.

Good job in ranking Romo over Vick.


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2 Responses to New School: Warren Moon talks Dez Bryant

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m thinking that Witten and Miles will sit down with him. Then a guy named Jones might just do some yapping too!

  2. tae says:

    I think jason witten would do it but the guy I think he respect the most and should probably do iis miles austin. Dez really respects him and he has seen him do some incredible things on the fie. Miles is a mentor to him on the field ,I’ve seen him talk to him about football before but this is a difficult situation for miles to talk about but think he could get through to dez. I feel he has to be the one to sit him down.

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