Rodgers on Romo: “He’s better than all of us by far…”

Wow. Aaron Rodgers giving Tony Romo some love in here…

Don’t be mad. Be happy training camp in on the way folks.


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5 Responses to Rodgers on Romo: “He’s better than all of us by far…”

  1. cowboyfan45 says:

    Romo should be better a lot than everyone else there at the golf tournament since he plays golf all the time!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Loving Aaron Rodgers for that comment.

  3. Headline Critic says:

    Irresponsible blogging here. I know you need hits and all but please mention if you are referencing something other than football. It’s a given that Romo is an excellent golfer.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    My father played golf. I’ve only played golf once in my life.

    Teed up, whack! A hole in one. Yeah, that’s right, the only time I ever hit a golf ball I made a hole in one. Can you believe it? The odds against it are like infinity to one. But it happened. My father and his friends just stared at me. I walked off the course. I’m done.

    The thing that bothers me here is that we’re not talking about the Cowboys winning football games, advancing in the playoffs, winning championships. We’re talking about Tony Romo playing golf. Has he ever hit a hole in one?

    I don’t think so. Can we just get back to football, please.

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