Emmitt waiting for a mature Dez Bryant

Emmitt had a few words about Dez Bryant while golfing, read here.

While putting here in South Lake Tahoe for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, former star RB Emmitt Smith didn’t want to talk about it. He wondered what good would come of it. Then, he added, “There’s enough people commenting on it, anyway, anything I do is going to be piling on.”

Well, maybe. But Smith did offer some insight on the situation surrounding Bryant. He did explain his view on how to handle the wait for a player to mature.

“That’s a level of maturity that must take place,” Smith told me. “This is where people have to be patient with people like Dez or younger players. Everybody has to mature. Sometimes, some folks mature a lot quicker than others. I mean, that’s just something everybody has to be patient for. Just pray that the guy understands and gets it at some point. Because if he doesn’t, he’s definitely messing with his future and he’s messing with his ability to really connect with the fans.”

Agree. Kind of. At some point in time Dez is going to be the guy who is left behind.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dad ah pimp ,Moms ah dealer/? go figure.

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