Dez’s mom wants him in Anger Management program

Very good article from JJT today on the Dez situation, read here.

Even if Bryant doesn’t realize his career is in the danger zone, his mother seems to get it. She’s insisting he get anger management counseling to deal with the apparent rage burning within him. It might be the best idea she has ever had.

If Bryant wants to continue playing in the NFL and get a crack at one of those eight-digit contracts, he must learn to harness his emotions.

The process needs to start right now.

Of course he’s angry. His life has been a struggle and now that he’s rich and famous it’s supposed to be easy. That’s how he had it planned out. Money and fame can only do so much to bring you happiness. Dez needs to find out how to balance all of this out so he’s focused on his career before it’s over too soon.


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9 Responses to Dez’s mom wants him in Anger Management program

  1. cowboyfan45 says:

    I’m tired of hearing the excuses of how Dez had a tough childhood, as if he’s the only one….he’s not a child anymore, he’s 23, time to grow up….Jason Witten had a tough childhood too, did he dwell on that part of his life, NO……he used his time and posiiton in football to make a difference in his community…The world is full of people that had tougher childhoods growing up than Dez and fewer opportunities to become successful and set for life playing a game he says he loves and they made themselves in to successful adults, it’s all about CHOICES and Dez needs to sit down and make some difficult CHOICES in his life and one of those is the choice to grow up and be a MAN, take responsibility for your actions and act like a professisonal!!!!

    • Tae says:

      I agree with you but when your family is the part of the problem its very hard for someone to just cut them off. I don’t know for sure but it seems like if dez doesn’t pay the bills then they aren’t getting paid. Dez has serious anger management issues, I seen it on the field. I remember that game against new orleans when he got that blocking in the back call he was on the sidelines going crazy and was mad the whole game and how mad he got against revis. He might have what brandon marshall has. He has alot to work on. In my opinion the his family is no help, his girlfriend might be trying but for the most part the cowboys are his best way to fix himself. I hope he breaks through

  2. Farrin57 says:

    Dez only problem is his family.If he gets away from them then you will see a diiferent player. His Mother is not looking out for Dez, she is looking to cash in on him. He has an odd family life and like many people sometimes you family can be your worst enmeny and I believe this is the case. No mom would do some of the things she has done so far even in this situation if she was not trying top corner him into something. On top of all of this I would take the problems that Dez is having over the problems other players are making around the league. If you really look at it. Compared to other players hes not that bad. This being his first time arrested and what should have stayed a family matter. Now look around the league at troublesome players and see where Dez rank. I bet its very low

  3. chunk chavez says:

    Go ahead and tell us “I told you so” DC. I went back and found a clip from DCFanatic Radio June 20th, 2012 where you basically foresaw Dez Bryant getting in trouble. The quote was something like “I follow Dez Bryant like a hawk and I know what’s going on off the field. There’s a lot of thing that hes doing off the field that put him in situations where he can get in trouble. It only takes one time.” I wish the Cowboys had as much insight as you. This guy hasn’t shown he’s wanted to be a pro as long as he’s been here. Why not hire a babysitter/ mentor like you said? That’s too smart of an idea for us to follow through on.

  4. Juz Saying says:

    Dez Wants his mom to go to Rehab!

  5. What a Life says:

    Dad ah pimp ,Moms ah dealer/?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Getting away from that toxic family is the first step. I’d be willing to bet his mother has a filthy mouth and pushes his buttons. He may have pent up anger towards her that comes out in certain situations. I hope he leaves DeSoto and cuts her off.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take the stuff Dez is doing over the things Michael Irvin was doing any day. As long as Dez is not getting involved with drugs I can handle this minor stuff.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t realize being arrested meant you were gulity and convict. I was so disappointed in Michael Irvin. Playmaker, I remember the rape charges against you and how pissed you were at the media for running with it like you were convicted. I don’t know what happen with Dez and his mother. I will wait until everything has played before I pass judgement and I wish Cowboy fans would do the same.

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