Skip Bayless: Dez still worth the trouble for Cowboys

Skip says Dez is still worth the trouble for the Cowboys…

Is he? Hard question. Not sure why but I don’t want to kill Dez on this one. Family. They all drive us mad at times. We need to know exactly what happened.


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3 Responses to Skip Bayless: Dez still worth the trouble for Cowboys

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate that this happened. Hate it, hate it, hate it. But, I don’t trust that woman. She is a trainwreck that dumped her kids for a crack pipe and did time in prison. Dez needs to cut ties and control his temper, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she attacked him. I believe they are both guilty. It is all a symptom of the dysfunction in the family.

  2. Glenn says:

    I will say this all day, his mom is not up for mother of the year! She’s done time for selling crack cocaine folks! Did she want money from sonny boy and he won’t fork it over? Sad family dynamic but I’m not ready to hang him on this. Always knew there would be drama in his life until he cuts off ties.

  3. R.Z. says:

    IS YOUR MOM A PROSTITUDE?. keep this in mind when making judgment on Dez. I cannot belive DC is making this to be a big deal. Do not sentence someone until you get all the facts. Plus that is not our job. I’m sure there are more competent people out there.

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