Dez pushed his mother during argument with brother

More info on the arrest of Dez Bryant today, read here.

A source said late Monday night that Bryant, in an argument with his half brother, wound up pushing his mother, Angela. According to the source, police responded to a call on Saturday night, but no arrests were made at that point. Further examination of the reports resulted in Monday’s arrest, the source said.

Family. These things happen. The problem is when you are Dez Bryant you can’t allow them to happen. You have things you can lose like your career.


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One Response to Dez pushed his mother during argument with brother

  1. Glenn says:

    Not trying to defend Dez, but we don’t know what really happened. We forget the family dynamics this guy has lived with his whole life. His mother isn’t exactly a model citizen or nominee for mother of the year. She’s done time for selling “CRACK” folks. We picture a mother to be the sweetest, most caring person in our lives. Don’t think she’s in that category. There’s no defending Dez without knowing or witnessing the situation. Is there a chance she was attacking Dez herself? Was she giving him a few punches looking for money? We don’t know and I’m not blaming him as I don’t walk in his shoes. Let’s allow this to run its course. Many people felt he was going in the right direction on and off the field. Maybe momma didn’t like that. Drama with Dez, yeah, but maybe just maybe there’s more than meets the headlines!

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