Terrell Owens is hocking Tee Shirts too

Terrell Owens is also hocking Tee Shirts while he is kissing Jerry Jones butt for a job…

Will he play in the NFL this season? No. There was a day when T.O., Moss and Chad Johnson were the best in the game but that day is now long long gone.


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3 Responses to Terrell Owens is hocking Tee Shirts too

  1. kristie says:

    he’s so desperate.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Oh, he’s more than desperate.

    I saw T.O. on an episode of Necessary Roughness the other night. He had a brief cameo, not as himself. I don’t know if you ever watch that show; it’s kind of stupid really. But my mother likes it, so I watch it with her on occasion. It’s about a divorced psychotherapist, with two teenage kids, who gets hired by a football team to treat their star receiver, T.K., who has a phobia about catching the ball. (Loosely based on T.O., no doubt.)

    Anyway, T.K. hires an anymous writer from the Onion to run his Twitter account. T.O. plays a player on an opposing team who gets into a Twitter war with pseudo-T.K, which his friends make fun of him about. T.K. gets upset over the comments, and he goes down to this restaurant/bar and confronts T.O., bounces a roll off his head. T.O. then shoves a plate of anchovies in his face. The whole scene lasted less than two minutes, but any port in a storm.

    T.O. is obviously trying to break into acting, but that’s problematic for him. He’s too recognizable and infamously well known, and he can’t play a character other than himself. Viewers won’t be able to disassociate his face from the character he’s desperately trying to portray. Besides, he can’t act.

    Let’s see. He’s blown $80 million and is flat broke. How many houses does he own, and what are the property taxes on those houses? How many children does he have and by how many women, and what are the monthly child support payments he owes? Well, he’s been taken to court by one woman for failing to pay $5000/month for several months. (Multiple that by how many?) He didn’t show up in court, is now in contempt and on the verge of being sent to jail. Since he can’t make any money or TV appearances in jail, his properties will be foreclosed on, his assets seized and liquidated to pay back taxes and child support.

    And now he’s been reduced to hocking t-shirts. That won’t last long, since he won’t be able to make enough money to cover his basic living expenses. He’s in quicksand and getting sucked down hard.

    Terrell Owens was problematic on every NFL team he played for. He was thrown off the only IFL team he played for. He held a try out to show that he’s recovered from knee surgery (how did he pay for that?), and no one showed up. No one from the NFL, the CFL, the AFL, or the IFL. That truly is pathetic.

    I would say it’s a sad story, but it’s not. It’s a tragedy. People throw that word around as if it means a sad story, but it doesn’t. A tragedy is when the main character falls from the heights of glory to the depths of despair because of a character flaw. In other words, he brought it all on himself. That’s not sad. It’s tragic.

    There is no way T.O. is ever going to play football again. No team in any league is going to pour money down that sink hole. He can kiss up to Jerry Jones all he wants, but it won’t do him any good. Stephen Jones would not allow Jerry to sign T.O. to the practice squad. I truly believe that. Stephen would punch his own father in the face and knock him out, before he’d allow him to sign that contract.

  3. Anonymous says:

    why is the camera zoomed in so close?

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