Gordon won’t help much in 2012 folks

Everyone seems to be in love with former Baylor WR Josh Gordon and tomorrow his fan base may grow y a few teams after his Pro Day…

The Cowboys can’t go nuts and give up anything less than a 4th to get him and I would really only like to spend a 5th if possible. Gordon has not played in a game since 2010 and he was still very raw while at Baylor. If the Cowboys draft him they have hopes he can mature into a starter in a few seasons.


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5 Responses to Gordon won’t help much in 2012 folks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with that size, speed and production, he can help the Boys this year (especially against the 3rd and 4th CB). It’s time for Jim Robinson to earn his money. Spend a 3rd round pick on him.

    • Glenn says:

      He will miss anyone’s camp with the quad injury and lose virtually the whole season. Not easy playing catch up with rookies let alone one out of football for a year with a questionable work ethic.

  2. Glenn says:

    A lot depends first of all on how they look at the current group fighting it out. Gordon while perhaps a real nice option, when could he be reasonably expected to hit the field and contribute? We all see that it takes most receivers at least 2 years before they have any real effect. Gordon will have missed all OTA’s & mini camp, so he’s immediately behind and most likely of little use in the 2012 season. So what draft pick are you willing to give up for a player who won’t help you until maybe 2014? Sounds like he’ll go in either the 2nd or 3rd round. Personally, I want some more defensive and OL selections in the early rounds, where you might find legitimate starters. I’d be ok with a later pick, but real skittish about an earlier one. Don’t see it as working if we bid late on him. WR starved teams may jump up and battle it out.

  3. Glenn says:

    Just not seeing the team going for a guy with any character issues. They took a certain type of player in the draft this year and any could be a poster photo for the all American type, captain of the college teams, high motors, etc. Not seeing Garrett signing off on Gordon, but we’ll see. If they do put in a draft bid, then they aren’t as high on the group in house.

  4. Sweet Talk says:

    Coale hurt Gordon in

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