Doomsday Defense: Will this ever return to Dallas?

This video is an awesome look at the Doomsday Defense of the past…

Teams used to fear the Dallas Cowboys defense before games. Now not so much.


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7 Responses to Doomsday Defense: Will this ever return to Dallas?

  1. Glenn says:

    THey were licking their chops and circling the date on their calendars. Gosh, didn’t we make every QB look good out there. Rex almost beat us twice, Kolb & Co beat us, Moore almost beat us. Vick and Eli loved the pat and go defense we played against them. Racking up big numbers and yardage with little resistance. Jacobs running for 100. It was like Madden Football for a lot of teams. They thought it was like Christmas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome!!! But todays game almost every play shown would be a flag!!

  3. Travis says:

    It will not as long as these stupid new rules keep popping up limiting what the defense can do to opponents. We will no longer get to be on the edge of our seat waiting for that big hit..etc…How I miss those days, when a defensive back would still be playing with a cast on his arm and use it as a weapon in clubbing/clothes line opponents.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    To answer your suggestion, Fanatic, no, we will never see defense like that again. And it’s not just the rule changes. Doomsday requires a 4-3 Flex. It cannot be run in a 3-4 formation.

    It also requires a defensive genius who can conceive and coach it, and players who can play it. We have neither.

    Only one other coach ever even tried to run the 4-3 Flex. It was Nolan, former assistant of Landry, when he was the head coach of San Francisco. He gave up after one year. The defense was too complicated for him and the 49ers.

    Which brings up the larger point. This season rides on Ryan and his fancy 3-4. It used to be that the 3-4 was an innovative defense, because not very many teams played against it and it confused them. But as more and more teams switched to the 3-4, opponents began to figure it out. Today, more and more teams, especially in the AFC, are switching back to the 4-3. Maybe it’s because they noticed the Giants won two Super Bowls running the 4-3. Be that as it may be, no one is going back to the Flex, because no one knows how to coach or play it.

    When Parcells came in, he inherited a No. 1 ranked 4-3 defense, which he promptly and stupidly destroyed by switching to an ill-suited 3-4. Jerry Jones continued in this idiocy by hiring Phillips, the great 3-4 genius, then Ryan, the next great 3-4 genius. And how did all that work out? Not very good.

    What Dallas should do is dump the 3-4, go back to the 4-3, and hire Charlie Waters as defensive coordinator. He was the only player under Landry who fully grasped the Flex. In fact, he gave the coach advice on how to run it.

    Absent that, this current defense will continue to be exploited. Too many teams now know how to beat the 3-4. And don’t even get me started on Garrett’s pass happy offense. As more teams switch to the 4-3, it will be shut down. Air Coryell never won a championship.

    Jerry Jones is living in the delusional past. If he thinks he’s going to win a Super Bowl with an outdated defense and an outdated offense, he’s going to be sadly disappointed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Since Parcells left we have been the least hard-hitting team in the league.

  6. Glenn says:

    The good old days when our guys were aggressive. Haven’t seen this team play with that intensity. Guys today avoid tackles. We had Newman, the human hurdle out there and until playing last year, wasn’t Jenkins looking like a Matador? Not looking for anyone to get hurt, but players are excused today for making “business decisions”. That’s what the game has become in part. Plus players really don’t work on their tackling techniques that much. They come to camp and aren’t allowed to even be physical out there. Seattle lost practice days for violating the CBA. Guys don’t know if a clean hit, gets them fined or not. All for eliminating the shots to the head, but if a guy is coming over the middle, do you hit him under the pads and break up the pass, or do you let him catch it?

  7. RED says:

    These are the days when this team had HEART, CHEMISTRY, and TOUGHNESS. All of those things have been missing from these sorry bunch of losers since Parcells left. Add the fact that Demarcus Ware refuses to become a vocal leader to call out all the b/s that’s been going on lately.

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