Should Garrett apply more pressure to Romo?

Interesting article from a guy I love hearing from about the Cowboys, read here.

For the record, I am a big Tony Romo fan. I believe Romo has the skills to be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, but he has to fight the feeling of contentment and fight it hard. Critic Robert Hughes once said: “The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.” This statement perfectly applies to Romo. He must work harder this year than in any previous year of his life. He must prepare better than in any season since he entered the NFL.

I’ve always felt the one player who suffered the most since Bill Parcells left the Cowboys was Romo. Parcells put pressure on Romo all the time, demanded excellence from him, never allowed him to feel contentment. And this is exactly what Romo needs. Left alone, he will take the path of least resistance.

As a GM, you could never make the statement Jones made publicly. But as an owner, all bets are off. General managers get fired, but owners never lose their jobs. Therefore, Jones made that statement with his owner’s hat on. Jones will always own the team, and if Romo does not produce, he will find another quarterback. Simple as that.

However, before Jones has to go shopping, Romo should sense his time is running out and work out of fear, not prepare as if he is always going to be the team’s starting quarterback. Romo should look no further than the move Jones (the GM version) made this offseason. With salary-cap room marginalized by the league office as punishment for overspending in an uncapped season, which hindered the Cowboys’ overall spending in 2012, Jones still paid handsomely for backup quarterback Kyle Orton.

There does seem to be a very comfortable relationship with Romo and Garrett. Would Parcells have gotten more out of Romo over these last five seasons? Good question.


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7 Responses to Should Garrett apply more pressure to Romo?

  1. tae says:

    you could make a case for that but under parcell he still fumbled the snap. Tony romo was a you guy on a team that had a lot of veteran players and leaders. Tnew, bradie james, anthony henry, terry glenn, aaron glenn, greg ellis, flo adams, jason witten, roy williams, and he had to deal with T.O. as he has progressed those players have either been cut or got old. We have intergted young players and some bad players in. So the team that we have now needs to step up romo’s level especially the defense. I blamed romo for the mistakes in the past but not the last 3 years the defense has regressed and on offense you have people who don’t know were to line up. I think that’s why parcell left he was too old to be dealing with that mess. Garrett I think has a bright future but thinks too much and hesitates on decision at times. Hopefully he works that out

  2. Glenn says:

    Clicked on to read Lombardi’s article and he’s usually pretty interesting. I agree that Parcells was a good coach for Romo. Didn’t like the assessment that Romo isn’t all in every day. I’ve always thought he was and as an UFA, he didn’t get to be the QB he is without working extremely hard at his craft. Maybe the more important question is whether he’s had the best coaching since. Having both Wade Wilson and Garrett as his tutors doesn’t make me shiver with anticipation. Frankly, I’ve not been impressed with Garrett as OC since day one. Decent, but not exceptional, not innovative, not creative. The only thing keeping hair on my head is that I felt his O lines and running backs didn’t cause any concern for the opposition in the running game. 2007 playoff game, they didn’t care how many yards Barber got, he wasn’t breaking any, so it was all about pressuring Romo who had 2 WR’s on one leg and Crayton, suffering his worst day of his career. A few early stops and we’re one dimensional that day. If I had to watch one more sweep by Barber in the red zone, I probably would have lost it. It’s been a one dimensional offense for years and still Romo performs at a generally high level.

    My complaints the last few years have centered on the O line and the defense, all positions other than one LB spot. We’re slowly improving on the defensive side of the ball. I’ve been waiting for the day that Romo can play a big game where he doesn’t have to perform off the charts to win the game. Just a nice simple effort would be sufficient. Problem is that there aren’t many play makers, guys who rise to the moment and make a play. We don’t get many turnovers and momentum is hard to change without them. Last time we made the playoffs, Romo was running for his life, a familiar theme. That was a game to keep him upright and see what chops he had to pull the game out. But no, we got to watch the end of Columbo’s career. Davis and the Matador (Gurode) next to him were no prize that day either. Flo went down and the chin straps were on tight. Romo never stood a chance, but the play calling didn’t change either and that ticks me off too. No in game adjustments. Took a year as they went with quick drops, screens, etc and were in that game until the Harvin return.

  3. Dennis says:

    While I do agree with Lombardi that everybody needs to be pushed to be great, I really dislike that he portrays Romo as someone thats content and isnt a gym rat. Those opionions are far from what everyone who follows the team reports. I take the words of Todd Archer, Tim M. and Bryan Bro. any day over a ntaion writer. Those guys are in the building, around the team and know the landscape around valley ranch. They also wouldnt hesitate to report if they felt like Romo wasn’t putting in the time and commitment to be great.Lombardi says “if romo works hard and prepares hard great things can happen for the boys this year” ahh no shit. Problem is Romo has always done that and it hasnt resulted in team sucsess. I feel like Lombardi is thinking like a casual sports fan who says if so and so just tried harder they would be really great.
    And please, Orton wasnt brought here to psuh for Romos job, he was brought here because injuries to the cowboys qbs have been major factors in their lack of postseasn apperances and succsess in recent years. The 08 team missed the playoffs, in part because romo missed three games. The 2010 season wasnt looking good but all hope was lost when romo missed the last 11 games. An then this season he suffers the broken rib and banged up hand.
    I like Lombardi but I put little stock into this article.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If everybody else on the team plays to their potential,Romo is a guy that can get it done.Guy made Laurent Robinson a rich man. Guys need to run their routes on time and the o-line needs to be better then decent.The defense needs to be top 5 level,Romo and Garrett sharpen up their game managment. Then we have a shot at #6.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As unfair as it sounds, I agree that Romo needs to “step it up”. Good is not good enough and he flashed an MVP level a few times last year as in the SF game. I think for me, as a big Romo fan, the moment I felt like Eli took the lead as the best QB in the NFC East, was the miss by Romo/Miles in the game that decided the division. Don’t always agree with Chris Collingsworth, but indeed, he HAD to make that throw. Can’t explain it, but damn.. we needed that!

    I do think Romo has this season to make a splash in the playoffs or the Cowboys will shop him and give Orton his shot next season (if not late this season). After that, it will be time to rebuild.


    • Glenn says:

      Romo has had very good seasons and last year on the whole was a very good season. A 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio should have yielded better than 8-8. While losing 5 games in the 4th quarter tells you a few stories. 1) Defense was as poor as it looked, no pressure from the DL & particularly up the middle, we know the secondary and ILB spot was trouble too 2) Offense wasn’t as good when needed to shut down the game, didn’t have a sustainable running game once Murray went down. The pieces around the best players needed to be improved. There were some good additions, Claiborne, Carr are the 2 on defense that should help. Anyone over James & Brooking is an upgrade. Offensively we have a revamped line and are we to believe that less than average guards in Livings and Bernardeau are going to be improvements? I’m excited as always but I temper the enthusiasm with new guys who haven’t exactly been top players at their position. I hope, but I watch carefully!

      There are a few guys who’ve performed at a high level throughout their career on this team. Ware, Romo & Witten! After that its hype and potential. I’m ready for those players to play up to both of those. Staying healthy for players like Miles, Dez & Lee are imperative and Smith has the skills to be very special at OT. I believe we’re 1 or 2 years away but Romo must remain and perform as he has. If they gave Orton his shot as you suggest next season then we can expect a nice top 8-10 slot in the draft. He can win a few games by managing the offense, but he’s not someone who can make the big plays needed to compete week in and week out. Unless the O line gets dramatically better, Orton, poor fellow will be run over. The Kitna playbook was effective for a few weeks but then DC’s condensed the field on us. Can’t do that with Romo.

  6. tdSHIPS says:

    When I first read this, it was excerpts from the story which sounded much worse. But its still a dumb criticism. The fact is Romo has consistently gotten better over the course f his career, so the argument he’s too comfortable doesn’t stand up. even the most casual Cowboy watcher sees how he has improved with ball security. And yet these tales of imagination persist…

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