Kristie defends Romo from the heart, Bravo!

This is a great video by a great fan and I hope all of the idiots out there who say women can’t be legit football fans get to watch this…

She’s right. Where are the Cowboys current players coming out to defend Romo against these current comments by Canty and Bennett.

I know Witten, Dez and others talk up Romo in their interviews, but I wanted them to come out and attack those recent comments directly.

Canty saying Romo is the difference in why the Giants have two Super Bowls and the Cowboys have none in recent seasons drove me nuts. The Cowboys defense over the last few seasons was nowhere near a championship level. The Giants defense had some great runs recently and they were a major factor in the Giants winning a few rings.

Someone should have come out and just said Marty B was a moron and we all expected him to take some shots at Romo and Garrett before long.

Great job Kristie!


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8 Responses to Kristie defends Romo from the heart, Bravo!

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Oh, I’ve known many female fans over the years, beginning with my grandmother. My God, she was as passionate and devoted a fan as anyone you’ll ever know. She watched every single Cowboys game from 1960 through 1996, when she finally passed away. That’s 36 years of football, sports fans.

    But more to your point, Fanatic, I think the reason why these clowns are trash talking Romo is because it’s psychological warfare. They’re trying to get into his head and create doubt in the locker room. That doesn’t excuse it, but it does explain it.

    Seriously though, Canty and Bennet, who are these guys? They’re disgruntled ex-employees.

    As to why the Cowboys players don’t come out and defend Romo, I don’t know. Maybe they don’t want to throw fuel on the fire. Or maybe because they know they lost more games than he did, and don’t want to draw attention to their own failures.

    The quarterback is an easy target, as is the head coach. The weaknesses on this team are along the offensive and defensive lines, at the running back position, and in the secondary. But let’s not cast aspersions on them. Blame Romo! That sort of simplistic thinking reflects a juvenille mind and adolescent angst.

    • Glenn says:

      You know I love your last paragraph! You and I beat the drum every day about the two lines. Until they improve those lines, we’ll keep bangin’ those drums!

  2. Anonymous says:

    DC, I totally disagree. These Cowboys need to do their talking on Sept. 5. Kick the Giants a%$ opening day is all the sticking up for Romo that is required.

  3. Sweet Talk says:

    The Giants have been using The cowboys 4 years for press coverage Canty,Jacobs, Toomer & Strahan I mean there they may be the most bored champs ever I mean they are not even more popular than the Tebow Jets!

    • Glenn says:

      What kills them is that they’ve won now 2 SB’s and there is more talk on NFLN or ESPN about the Cowboys and Jets / Tebow. Just annoys them that they don’t get the props. But you have 2 disgruntled players both of whom didn’t get the playing time or the contracts they wanted. Canty’s was a ridiculous deal, but hey he got it. But they value their D line more than we do.

  4. Glenn says:

    I think a lot of the reason that our guys don’t go back and rip those guys is because of a few things. One, they are told in so many words to avoid any personal responses. They are already on the most visible team in the NFL. Hate and animosity already comes their way. No bulletin board materials. Guys come and go in this league and unless you’ve burnt a bridge already, don’t burn one on a team that one day may become your next team, your next locker room. Both those guys burnt their relationships with the team.

  5. kristie says:

    thank you so much for posting my video, DC. i really appreciate it. 😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comment about us kicking the giants butts on September 5 instead of playing their game of constant trash talking. Don’t stoop to their level. Cowboys need all the bulletin board material they can get.

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