Swagg Mag: Can Romo to Bryant combo lead Cowboys to playoffs?

Wrote an article for SWAGG Magazines new issue which just dropped…

SWAGG Magaine = July, August, September 2012

If Romo, Austin and Dez all have a healthy season the Cowboys will win the NFC East.


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3 Responses to Swagg Mag: Can Romo to Bryant combo lead Cowboys to playoffs?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Fanatic, I keep saying this and I’ll keep saying it. This season will not be won by passing the ball. The Cowboys have got to establish a running game.

    Remember last year? Garrett’s offense worked best when Murray was healthy. You simply have to have a legitimate running threat to win in the NFL. That’s what sets up the play action pass.

    When you throw the ball, several things can happen, only two of them are good–a first down or a touchdown. Otherwise, it’s either a deflection, an incompletion, or an interception. Next thing you know, it’s 3rd and long, and you have to pass. That makes your offense predictable.

    This season will turn on the offensive line and the running game. And on the defense. The Cowboys have to generate inside pressure, up the middle. Outside pressure doesn’t bother a quarterback. All he has to do is step up into the pocket and deliver the ball. Or hand the ball off. Without inside pressure, the running back is almost assured 3-5 yards. Then it’s 3rd and short. That’s the perfect situation for a play action pass, if you have a legitimate running threat.

    It’s not about Romo, Austin, Bryant, Witten. It’s about the offensive line and Murray. It’s about the defensive line and the secondary. This season will be determined on those fronts.

    • Glenn says:

      It’s a recipe that works every time it’s tried! Couldn’t agree more, on the money with each point! Hope everyone reads this post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope so hes has to hit the open man

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