Toomer: Don’t want to get hit with Snowballs at MetLife Stadium

Amani Toomer is sticking to his guns after taking some heat about saying Tony Romo was a better QB than Eli Manning…

Eli has two Super Bowls and he still can’t get the respect he deserves. Romo gets no respect either, but I think if Romo wins a Super Bowl he’s going to feel the love.


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2 Responses to Toomer: Don’t want to get hit with Snowballs at MetLife Stadium

  1. Glenn says:

    If you see enough Giants games through the years on Fox you would see an up and down Eli. The guy has had 2 surreal stretches (Dec & Jan games) of about 6 games in each year where he’s performed at an incredible level. In those stretches he’s making plays, big plays and not turning the ball over. In the other 90% of his career games, he is turning the ball over at a higher rate than most upper tier QB’s. It’s just what he’s done throughout his career. Now if he plays back to the closing 6-7 games of last season then you can say that he’s vastly improved and deserving of being in the upper tier. There’s a reason he has such a low career QBR, jus took at his INT’s at better than 1 per game. He threw 3 picks in each of their losses to the Skins & Seahawks last year, the pick 6 to Matthews in the 7 pt loss to the Packers. Granted he had an all time record of game winning comebacks in the 4th quarter. However, I saw at least 2 of those comeback games (NE & SF) where his picks led to the points putting the opposition in the lead.

    He certainly has played big in playoff and SB games, mostly by limiting mistakes and being patient for his defense to put him in good position on the field. That guy is excellent. He tears our secondary apart and gets all day in the pocket and any QB should do that in this league. But he’s also the guy who led the NFL in INT’s in 2010.

    Just a matter of whether he plays to that playoff level again this year or to the form of his entire career. That team plays tough D when healthy and pounds it on the ground 25-30 times a game no matter what. They are just a tough well coached team and if Eli doesn’t blow it, they do very well.

  2. Sweet Talk says:

    I like Romo better.

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