Marty B loves him some Eli Manning!

Marty B loves him some Eli Manning!

I remember back in the day hating on Marty B at Cowboys Zone because he was an asshole to Tight End Coach John Garrett. I was told he was a great kid by the homers over there and that HBO was just showing you clips out of context to make you hate him.

They went on and on about how he was going to be the next Antonio Gates. They loved his videos and told us how funny and talented he was as a rapper. We were all rooting for him to a great player, but once he showed you his true colors you should have removed your name from his fan club pages.

Some of those morons to this day will still root for clowns like this. Sad.

But most of those people starting hate him after he didn’t produce in the first three seasons. They built him up and then tore him down.

The problem? He should never have been built up by those fans. He came out of college as a huge disappointment who had the label of being a knucklehead who would never reach his potential on the field because of the soft tissue between his ears. The Cowboys had no business drafting him in the 2nd round of the draft.

This was the real story of Martellus Bennett. The Giants won’t be offering him another contract after watching him flop around for a year. Trust.


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8 Responses to Marty B loves him some Eli Manning!

  1. waus says:

    Yep. Me too. Hated him the minute I saw him on HBO.

    He proved that he was a classless jerk when he went up on stage at a public function and said that the only reason he was there was for the white women and the alcohol.

    May he infest the Giants with the cancer that is his personality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey man, enjoy your work. Keep it up. Marty B could have been targetted more if he was more reliable. Dude had all of the talent and skills, but he never seemed to try to improve. This goes all the way back to “Hard Knocks”. Waste of a 2nd round draft pick!

  3. Doug Quaid says:

    yeah I completely agree with you. Actually pretty much everything you post under the videos are usually spot on. Marty B was an under achieving, immature, and selfish player while he was in dallas. I don’t suspect him to succeed in NY…but who knows.

    And I hardly even go to the cowboys zone anymore because of all the homers and the fact that you will get torn to shreds if you disagree with “popular” belief on there….right now the “popular” belief is that Garrett will be the next Jimmy Johnson, and completely turn this franchise around. To me that opinion is completely baseless, as was the Antonio Gates-Marty B comparison.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Marty B will have a breakout year…

  5. The Soothsayer says:

    In the 90s, Don Bebe played on that infamous Bills team that lost four Super Bowls in a row. He then signed with Green Bay as a free agent and won a Super Bowl. To my knowledge, Bebe is the only player from that Bills roster to wear a ring. But, you know, he never said anything derogratory about his former team or quarterback or coach. That’s class.

    I’m not sure, I’d have to check, but to my memory Chris Canty is the only Cowboy, drafted over the last decade and a half, to win a Super Bowl. That galls me. And then he comes out and badmouths his former team, as if the Giants won because of him. That’s not class. That’s gloating.

    And now we have Martellus Bennett. He signed with the Giants, and now he thinks he’s going to the Super Bowl. Before a single down has been played, he’s already badmouthing his former team. That’s beyond classless.

    My singular hope is that in the season opener, the Cowboys embarrass Canty and knock Bennett into oblivion.

    You’re going to that game, right Fanatic? I wish I could be there, just to see you laugh when that happens.

    • Glenn says:

      If Marc Columbo was around he’d smack him right in the flapper, but we don’t have guys like that around right now. Facts are that we hoped for more from him and in watching some of that HBO season again, it makes you realize that this was a guy riding on his talent and not looking to seize the moment. Frankly, he should have wanted to take the top TE spot or at least force them to find ways to involve him in a game plan. That didn’t happen, he just didn’t show enough to make either happen. He caught about as many balls as you could hope for from the last option in every play.

      He has a shot in NY to certainly be the #1 TE and show if he can do more than he did here. As the #1 he logically has to be targeted more. Now can he hold onto more passes? Does he tip them to the defense? Done those things in the past so we’ll see.

      He was around during the time that TO was bad mouthing the Witten-Romo-Garrett group and that sticks until those characters are gone from the clubhouse. Frankly, didn’t see Witten getting a lot of balls late last year but Robinson benefitted in a career year and a fat contract. This flapping of the gums doesn’t hold any merit to me, never has, never did. True a QB may know one guys moves a little better but their job is to win, not play favorites on the field. Romo has provided career years for let’s see, TO for one, Robinson, Miles Austin went from 4th WR to huge contract in one season and all the while theres Witten scraping him his usual 90 balls each year. Seems like several guys have had some terrific production playing along side Romo. Sour grapes is all I see.

      Remember he was flapping his gums without hitting the practices as he was lame with sore hammies. He just wanted to take another dig at Romo and Garrett, that’s all this was. Easier to blame them than look in the mirror!

      Personally, I hope he plays to the same level as he did here, conceding he’ll probably catch about 45 balls this year. Just want his drops to be against us and an occasional ball to hit his hands and deflect the ball in the direction of Sean Lee (great hands).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I started disliking him when I followed him on Twitter. The guy is an ahole and a jerk. The crap he tweeted made me want to punch him. And his younger brother was constantly slamming the Cowboys organization. He clearly blamed the Cowboys for MartyB not being a breakout NFL star. He came right out and said that they had a lot of anger towards the Cowboys.
    So glad he is gone.

    • Glenn says:

      They think its a divine right to be a starter and he didn’t work at that level. They have to blame someone and they refuse to look in the mirror.

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