Jerry Jones shooting for an Emmy Award

Jerry Jones shooting for an Emmy Award last night…

That clip of Dez Bryant on the Jerrytron before they get to the Emmy Ward acting from Jerry Jones tells you he’s now the most popular player ahead of Romo and Ware. Silly.

More proof that Jerry Jones is the real face of this franchise.

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4 Responses to Jerry Jones shooting for an Emmy Award

  1. Glenn says:

    Players come and go! Jerry is here forever …… Hey, things are all good, Jerry survived the encounter with JR. That’s not easy with that snake! LOL ……

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    This sickens me. Not only does Jerry Jones think he’s the face of the Cowboys, he thinks he’s the face of Dallas! Let’s talk about egomania in the extreme.

    The last time the Cowboys played in Dallas was in the Cotton Bowl. Texas Stadium was in Irving. Cowboys Stadium, unaffectionately known as Jerry World, is in Arlington. So this whole show is nothing but a farce.

    I will never watch an episode of Dallas for this reason. Jerry Jones is an embarrasment to the state of Texas. And to the Cowboys.

    Let’s get real here. Since 96, it’s been one bad draft, one failed trade, one disastrous free agent signing after another. And all he as to show for it is 1 wild card win in 16 years. This man is a joke.

  3. LMAO. You think this is the first time I have said Jerry Jones is the face of the franchise?

    I have said this for years now and it’s true. If this was the Patriots, Steelers or Giants you would see the QB making an appearance on the show in the locker room or on the field prior to the game. But because its the Cowboys you get a shot of Jerry in the owners box.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This isnt like Jerry just started doing things like this — he appeared on TV sitcoms as himself in 96. He was on a movie about the ‘Ewings’ back in the late 90’s too. But he got a pass back then because the Cowboys were fresh off of winning world titles. Its not like Jerry has changed much — other than the fact that the Cowboys havent been champions lately!

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