Crayton: Don’t blame Romo for 8-8 record last season

Patrick Crayton chimes in with some thoughts on Tony Romo, Phillip Rivers, The Chargers, Jerry Jones and his desire to play in 2012…

The chance that Crayton comes back to play for the Cowboys is low because of the locker room issues from the Terrell Owens days where some thought PC was on the wrong side of that divide. Marion Barber, Ken Hamlin, Tashard Choice, etc were all friends with Owens and we all know they are former Cowboys.

But who would you rather see on the field with Romo, Miles, Dez and Witten: Crayton or Kevin Ogletree?


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2 Responses to Crayton: Don’t blame Romo for 8-8 record last season

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m good with his return, but don’t see it happening. Garrett won’t approve his return and they do want to develop in house from what looks like a bunch of players with some upside. Can’t stop progress with young players and miss out on them altogether. Ogletree’s time has likely come and gone. Hoping they go in a new direction from him, just hasn’t gotten it done and you can’t wait forever. Next man up!

  2. Shazam says:

    I would rather have Josh da Flash Gordon!

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