Broaddus and Smoaky talk Cowboys Wide Receivers

Here’s Bryan Broaddus talking Mavs and Cowboys with ESPN 1660 am in Waco…

Broaddus talks Cowboys with Smoaky and Company

If the Cowboy do draft Josh Gordon then I am even more worried about the #3 WR spot because it tells you they have no confidence in the guys they just watched practice for six weeks. And for me the #3 WR is more important to me as the backup to Dez and Miles because those two have had their injury troubles recently.

Gordon would not be able to step in and help the Cowboys in 2012. He’s not Laurent Robinson who had bounced around a few teams and just could not stay healthy. This is an unpolished kid who hasn’t played football since 2010.

Now he could be a guy who could develop in time. But he’s a guy you draft in hopes he can help the Cowboys in a few years. If the Cowboys draft him and by the end of the summer Kevin Ogletree is cut I would not be surprised at all. This would mean Radway, Holmes, Coale or Harris become your candidates for the #3 WR job this season.


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2 Responses to Broaddus and Smoaky talk Cowboys Wide Receivers

  1. chunk chavez says:

    lol broaddus says kevin ogletree probably has one real big supporter. is he referring to jerry or jason?

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