ESPN NFC East Preview Special

Nothing new really new so I grabbed the entire NFC East special…

I could see Romo as the MVP of the NFC East this season.


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One Response to ESPN NFC East Preview Special

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    The Giants and the Eagles both swept the Cowboys last year. The only team in the division Dallas could beat was Washington. That has got to change.

    I can see the Cowboys splitting with the Giants and the Eagles and sweeping the Redskins. But it’s not going to be easy. New York is confident, and Philadelphia is embarrassed. Washington, meh, a rookie quarterback isn’t going to win them anything, but they will be improved.

    The only guaranteed path into the playoffs is to win the division. The wild card teams have to depend on what other teams do. Last year the Giants won the division, by beating the Cowboys, won the conference, and won the Super Bowl. That’s the way it’s done. Division, Conference, Super Bowl. There is no other way. It’s not often that a wild card team wins a championship, although it has happened. Would you rather be lucky or good? That’s the question.

    I’d rather be good. Luck is a lady, and she’s fickle. You can’t depend on her. Yeah, you’re going to win some, lose some–other teams are good too. But I’ll take good over luck every time.

    I have to believe the Cowboys are going to win. I have to. I don’t know any other way to think. But I’m not all that confident. They’ve been losing for so long now it’s hard to get one’s hopes up. But I have to believe.

    The defense is improved. But a rookie cornerback? Offenses are going to attack him all day. And Dallas has to find a way to generate a pass rush other than Ware.

    The offense is improved. Assuming the line can hold together and the center doesn’t keep getting blown up, absent injuries, yeah, Romo, Murray, Austin, Bryant, and Witten could be explosive. But that all depends on Garrett and his play calling and game management. If he hasn’t figured out that the passing game depends on the running game yet, this team is doomed.

    We will see. We shall see what these Cowboys are made of. If they’re made of men determined to win, they will. If not, they’ll be just another mediocre team accustomed to losing.

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