Jaws includes Romo in Top Ten NFL QB’s

Jaws includes Romo in Top Ten NFL QB’s…

Romo just has a lot of turnovers that come at critical moments in the game. That fumble vs the Jets last season was just as bad as those INT’s vs the Lions.

But you have to admit Romo got better as the season progressed and had only a few more moments that were big time head scratchers. The point about the injuries for the Cowboys is definitely legit too.


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3 Responses to Jaws includes Romo in Top Ten NFL QB’s

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Being in the top 10 doesn’t mean much when you’re No. 10.

    I agree that statistically Romo is a top 5 quarterback, but I notice that the three quarterbacks ranked above Romo on the QBR all have won Super Bowls. Ultimately and unfortunately that’s what defines a quarterback.

    Aikman didn’t care about stats. He could have put up huge passing numbers, but he preferred to hand the ball off to Emmitt because the only thing that concerned him was winning the game and the championship. Irvin didn’t mind either.

    Same with Staubach. He didn’t put up huge passing numbers, but the game was different then. Still, he did win championships. Staubach was more reckless than Aikman though. Roger the Dodger they called him, because he was always scrambling around trying to buy time on passing downs, or running the ball himself. That’s why he got injured in the 72 preseason, determinedly trying to gain an extra yard in an exhibition game.

    Both of them benefitted from strong offensive lines, power running backs, and a shut down defense. Romo has yet to have either.

    This season will turn on the offensive and defensive lines, the running game, and the secondary. The passing game has the potential to be explosive, but it must be balanced. Improvements have been made, however the games have not been played so we don’t really know.

    Romo’s problem is that he’s never had a team around him. No quarterback can be expected to be successful behind a porous offensive line with a blow-up center and without a running attack. Garrett keeps calling pass plays, but all that does is force Romo to scramble and try to make something out of nothing. A lot of his interceptions come from him desperately trying to make a play, and because his receivers were either injured or out of position. That said, the defense lost more games last year than the offense did.

    If Romo does not advance in the playoffs or win a championship, it won’t be because he didn’t try. It will be because the players around him didn’t step up.

    • lostar2009 says:

      More excuses for Romo ..2007, 2008, 2009 our defense was basically top 10 and Romo wasn’t doing much. He was still in his knuckle head moments. That is why I’m hard on Romo. Our oline was good too, we played some top 10 defenses those years too so penatration was expected. If Promo got rid of the ball our didn’t spend so much time in the pocket scrambling etc being Romo stuff could have been better. 2007 was Dallas ticket to a sb Romo flake that giants game up at the end with those mental errors. I’m just tired of this.. yes the guy can ball but you know what I still don’t think he does enough to impact t this team. Aron Rodgers and Brady did amazing things with their teams with bad defenses. So when you guys wish to put this guy in the top 5 Iwill judge him as such.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100% on that. People need to think of the big picture and get off his back.

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