Will Cowboys coach Jason Garrett lose his job after 2012?

Will Cowboys coach Jason Garrett lose his job after 2012?

If the Cowboys go 6-10 Garrett is out. If they go 8-8 and miss the playoffs he will still be around. If they go 12-4 and win a few playoff games I will stop callling him Garrett5000.

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4 Responses to Will Cowboys coach Jason Garrett lose his job after 2012?

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m no fan of Garrett but I don’t see Jerry firing him for many reasons. First, Jerry had visions of him being his version of “Landry”. Next is that Jerry really wants the continuity that he sees in the more successful teams, where their coaches are in place for 5 plus years to develop and stabilize the organization. See NE, Giants, Steelers, etc. I’d be shocked if he gets fired.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I seriously doubt Jerry would fire Jason, even if the Cowboys were 0-8 at midseason. He has too much invested in him. He’d fire Ryan in a heartbeat, but not Garrett. Then again you never know what Jerry Jones is going to do.

    It’s interesting if you look back over NFL history, you’ll see it’s always a combination of a coach, the leader on the sidelines, and a quarterback, the leader on the field, that wins championships. Lombardi-Starr, Knoll-Bradshaw, Landry-Staubach, Walsh-Montana, Johnson-Aikman, Shanahan-Elway, Belichick-Brady, Coughlin-Manning. The only coach to win multiple titles with different quarterbacks is Joe Gibbs, and he did it with three, Theisman, Rypien and Williams.

    As far as Garrett and Romo go, I think Jerry will give them another two years. The real pressure is on the defense this season. Still, Garrett has got to improve his play calling and game management, and Romo has got to minimize his mistakes, in order for the team to be successful.

    If Ryan can turn this defense around, and if Garrett and Romo get their act together, this team could make the playoffs, maybe even advance. But it won’t be easy. The Cowboys have a tough schedule, inside and outside of the division. And some of those road games are going to be hard to win.

    The thing that worries me though is that a lot of these players seem to be resigned to losing, even when they’re building or protecting a lead. We saw that happen several times last year. The hardest obstacle to becoming a winner is being used to losing. It gets in your head. When times get rough, or the momentum shifts in a game, it’s easy to succomb to defeat.

    Determination is what wins football games. We’ll see how determined these Cowboys are this year.

    • Glenn says:

      I think they’ve let go of a few guys who’s effort wasn’t what you’d like to see. We chat back and forth about the defense this year which will be a work in progress and difficult to gauge here in mid summer. You mention the tough schedule and I’m not sure if people realize we have 6 of our first 9 games on the road. That’s a tough task for any team. On the road you have to pack your defense! Those 9 games will tell us all we need to know for the season about our D and team as a whole. It will either give us great hope or have given us an ulcer!

  3. True Star says:

    I don’t know if he’ll lose his job, but he never should have been hired in the first place. He’s in over his head as an offensive play caller and game manager. He seems to give good tough guy speeches, but there is much more to running an NFL team than giving motivational lectures.

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