Tim Ryan: Romo’s situational intelligence must improve

Tim Ryan and Solomon Wilcots talking about Tony Romo today…

Tim Ryan on Sirius NFL Radio

I think I agree. Romo should have taken over the decision making in that Cardinals game. Call the timeout because you are the QB. Don’t wait to see if Garrett has his shit together on the sidelines to make the right call.

In my opinion that was the worst loss of that 2011 season. The mental errors more than the physical errors were the reason for the loss.


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3 Responses to Tim Ryan: Romo’s situational intelligence must improve

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC, what do you think is the biggest key for Boys this season? Jason G. coaching/time management, Romo’s play, the D or healthy Defense? Myself, I will say Rob Ryan’s 4th quarter defense and special teams. Special times has killed this team.

    • Glenn says:

      All of the above in its own way! Garrett made his choice in that game and none of us agreed with it, but he did make a choice. Romo will be fine. But how will the offensive line perform? They just need to be counted on in 3rd & short / goal line situations to be effective and then not get Romo killed either. Defense is the big concern in that you can’t have them coughing up leads like they did. The pressure is on the O to score on every possession which alters the play calling. Special teams had the big breakdown on the blocked punt which allowed the Jets to tie the game. Returns against us weren’t bad. 1 questionable snap on the year cost the Cardinal game. Just need a lot of areas to be better. Hard to hope for a 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio again, that was amazing. Hope for 2.5 to 1 and that would be real good.

  2. Glenn says:

    I am with you on the fact that Romo should have taken a TO. What we don’t know is if Garrett told him not to either in his ear piece or waved him off on doing it. It was such an automatic decision and find it hard to believe that no TO was called. I have to believe it was Garrett’s decision. But if the coach says no, he can’t do that without have a Parcells flashback!

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