McNabb and Toomer talk Romo

Donovan McNabb and Amani Toomer talk about Chris Canty’s recent comments about Tony Romo…

For a minute there I was expecting Toomers head to explode, lol.


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2 Responses to McNabb and Toomer talk Romo

  1. real talk says:

    Remember Canty cant see outta 1 of his eyes so he dont know what he is seeing ot there!

  2. Glenn says:

    THought this was one of the more civilized breakdowns. A little pro and a little con. Allowed me to agree and disagree, yet hear some of the facts on Romo’s individual performance. McNabb said that it’s on the QB to put points up no matter what goes on with the defense. Very true point! It is one area where I’d like to see us improve and that is getting more points on the board, less FG’s. Sadly, Garrett changes dramatically from a somewhat aggressive posture to a conservative one. Usually more conservative in away games. I always felt that I wanted to attack and put as much pressure on a defense as I could, regardless of how good they were. Pick my spots, go vertical early and often. But Garrett sometimes allows the opposition to stay in the game. Some teams aren’t built for playing from behind and aren’t big on scoring in the Red Zone, but if you allow them to stay in the game, it only takes a few plays and their foot is on your throat.

    These guys quickly pointed out how much pressure he’s under with the O line and that has to improve.

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