DCFanatic Radio – No Cowboys Defenders speak up for Romo?

DCFanatic Radio – No Cowboys Defenders speak up for Romo?

DCFanatic Radio – June 28, 2012

Just had to jump on and talk about how dissapointing it is to watch guys like Chris Canty talk shit about Romo while his Cowboys teammates on defense sit there and listen to their friend shit on their QB from NY.

How about Spears, Ratliff and Ware step up and accept responsibility for not getting the job done against the Giants last season. And in the same sentence tell Chris Canty he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.





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9 Responses to DCFanatic Radio – No Cowboys Defenders speak up for Romo?

  1. I think says:

    They feel sorry for Canty cause he got 1 eye!

  2. Glenn says:

    You know, I wouldn’t want his QB here, I’d pull every last hair out watching him throw games away. As my uncle (Giant fan) he always says, he likes when Eli hands the ball off. He always believes their D can win it for them. Always tells me that there are games where Eli is so out of sync, that they play looking for the other team to make mistakes and hope that they can make a few plays to win the game. Mentioned the Jet game where Eli couldn’t complete a pass, threw a short pass underneath and Cruz side stepped a few guys and changed the whole game.

  3. Dee says:


    Is it possible to conceive that the reason the defenders don’t come to Romo’s defense is because they may actually agree with Canty? Romo’s teammates can put up a “united front,” but I sometimes wonder how much they REALLY believe in him. It seems to me that Witten is the only player who has shown any unwavering faith in Romo. Witten seems to be the most consistent at speaking on Romo’s behalf. Nobody else really comes out to defend Romo.

    Personally, I like Romo (although I don’t completely trust him due to his track record of turnovers in critical situations), but by no means am I ready to give up on him. He’s unarguably a top-10, Pro-Bowl caliber QB, and as long as he’s playing at his current level, the Cowboys’ offense will be competitive. People talk about the games he has blown with turnovers, but they rarely mention the games in which he played well but lost because the defense could not protect the lead.

    • Of course I thought of this. Exactly why I blogged about it. lol.

      I want them to state their opinion. If they agree with Canty then they are morons who don’t want to take resposibility for their poor performance last season.

  4. Anonymous says:

    maybe they didnt hear about it because i just found out right now. Dware was on the nfl network yesterday and they didnt even ask him about this question. I know if they knew they wouldnt hesitate for a second.

  5. Glenn says:

    DCF, finished listening to your “Radio” show and you nailed it my friend on so many topics regarding the team! How :”embarrassing” this defense has been the last few years. Having the “human hurdle, how embarrassing was that? People want to talk about Romo not being clutch but I’m going to give some stats on that. Only to show the incredible expectations of Romo or any Dalllas QB these days and how he’s really done better than today’s analysts give him credit for. Just facts versus perception!

    Our beloved Captain Comeback! Roger was credited with 23 game winning drives and 15 comeback victory’s in his career spanning 114 starts. Troy had 21 game winning drives and 15 comebacks over 165 games. Romo has 14 game winning drives and 13 comebacks in 72 games. People moaning here make it seem like he’s never performed late in games, the clutch portion of a game. You’d think he never did “his” part in bringing the team a victory. These numbers only show he’s done his share if you compare him to our two most accomplished QB’s. What’s funny is that I always remember Roger having to scrap for a win what seemed like every week and thought his numbers would have been higher. Thought I had more than 23 mini heart attacks in my 20’s with those games. Troy on the other hand I felt had a team that wasn’t behind nearly as much and didn’t expect those numbers. So Romo has performed well with games hanging in the balance making me wonder are people even watching the games or just listening to the bobble heads bash him?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has any Cowboy Defender been interviewed about the comment? I think your assertion is a bit premature…no one called into a radio station to defend Ware, either…

  7. RED says:

    Simple answer. We don’t have the same chemistry teams like the Ravens, Giants, and Patriots have. How many times have the Giants talked shit about us in general and specific players over the years and NOBODY on our team responds? It’s happened on numerous occasions. When Jacobs was dancing on our star last year did anybody step up and confront him? No, but guys like Ratliff seem to have no problem confronting the media. This team will go after the media in a heartbeat but never defend themselves against attacks from other teams. It’s a big reason why I never liked the core group of guys on the recent teams. Too nice, too soft. They are the exact opposite PERSONALITY wise compared to the 90s teams.

    Also, like someone else said, there could be players in our locker room who actually agree with Canty. Remember, there have been unnamed sources in the past within the team that have been critical of Romo and his aloof style and not really hanging out with the players in the locker room. I’ve thought for a long time that there is a disconnect btw Romo and the rest of the locker room for a long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those guys on that defense like Ware and Ratliff all came in together with Canty and are good friends so I doubt you’ll ever see them trading words through the media defending Romo.
      Canty said that its more of a family vibe in the Giants locker room than it was in Dallas. I believe that too because it looks like a bunch of individuals out there and not a unit.

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