Favre: Romo has been carrying the Cowboys

Brett Favre talks Quarterbacks with Deion Sanders…

Great point by Favre. Some fans still want to think Romo is the reason this team fails every season. He’s the least of the problems. Even in the Jets and Lions games last season there were defensive breakdowns that could have been reasons for the losses.


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8 Responses to Favre: Romo has been carrying the Cowboys

  1. Glenn says:

    Bout sums it up! On target statements. As for the Jets game, it would have could have run it in from the one after Witten got stopped (?) at the one. Or if Holley blocks the same guy as he did on the previous punt. No blocked punt we win the game. The Lions, as awful as that was, could anyone make a tackle and try to keep those picks from being 6 points each time? Or how about the 4 cracks from inside the 3 in the 1st half that we couldn’t punch in again. Then they got us when they went school yard and just planted Johnson for jump balls. Sickening. Notice both games we were unable to punch the ball in from inside the 3 yard line. When you can’t do better in short yardage, you’re 8-8 instead of 10-6.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s right Romo wins them and the rest of the team loses them. That’s been the motto around here for awhile. The Cowboys defense held the high scoring Lions offense to 3 points in the 3rd qt but its the defenses fault they lost? Romo was handing Detroit points with those ints.

    • The Lions scored 14 points in the 3rd quarter on the two INT returns. Please know what you are talking about.

      And you keep commenting under anonymous. Pick a name already stupid.

      And explain the 17 points allowed by the defense in the 4th quarter. Romo’s third pick left the Lions with the ball at the Cowboys 40 yard line with 2:34 on the clock. Score was 30-27 at the time. Seven plays later it was 34-30.

      Romo screwed up plenty in this game. But they still had the lead. That was an opportunity for the defense to step up and have Romo’s back by shutting down the Lions to win the game.

      Instead they flopped. The number of times that the defense flopped compared to the number of times that Romo screwed up royally are a 3-1 ratio easily. Frank Walker had a stupid penalty and then Newman could not cover a simple stop pass to Calvin Johnson. He didn’t even has his face to the ball when CJ caught the winning TD pass.

      • Anonymous says:

        Like I said the defense held Detroit to 3 points going into the 3rd qt did you really think they were gonna keep them out of the endzone the entire game? That’s a damn good offense they were playing. Romo blew that game in the 2nd half period. You can’t put it on the defense when Romo was putting the defense in bad spots. It was just a matter of time before megatron got going on a short field that Romo was giving them.

        • Were they playing Golf in the second half? They did it in the first half they should have done it the entire game.

          Romo gave the Lions 14. The D allowed 20. And Romo led them to 27 points.

          Any D has to pick it up sometimes when the offense falters. This D didn’t do that in 2011.

    • Glenn says:

      You miss the point. There were more mistakes made than just Romo’s. His were the most visible, but there were others that played a part in each of the losses. Good teams cover the mistakes, someone steps up. We don’t have the play makers to cover things up and certainly not in either of those games. I was trying to point out a few of the other mistakes that were made by the team.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    I can’t stand Brett Favre. Not only do I dislike him as a person, I think he sucked as a quarterback. Yeah, he put up a lot of numbers and finally did get his one Super Bowl victory. That puts him in Kurt Warner territory. Oh, and Favre has the ignominous distinction of being the first quarterback to lose to John Elway in the Super Bowl.

    Favre never won a game at Texas Stadium. Never. Something about the hump. You know, when Texas Stadium was first built you could stand on one sideline and not be able to see someone standing on the other. That’s how high the arc of the hump was. It was like 10 feet. So when you’re moving downfield, you’re running uphill to the 50 yard line then downhill to the end zone. Favre couldn’t handle it, but Staubach and Aikman didn’t have a problem with it.

    Still, I will admit he does have a point. Romo is underrated, and he has been carrying this team. I do not like that Favre compares Romo to himself. Talk about the height of conceit, now that Favre is irrelevant.

    This is my thing with all these sports commentators. They all say the same thing, like parrots. Romo has to win in the playoffs. Ware has to lead the defense. Both are true but predictably boring. There are 51 other guys on the team that need to step up for those two to be successful. Put the blame on them. Don’t put all the pressure on Romo and Ware.

    Sports reporting is superficial. The Cowboys will win or lose as a team. Neither Staubach nor Aikman won Super Bowls by themselves. They had players around them. They had an offensive line, a running back (Thomas and Dorsett for Staubach, Emmitt for Aikman), and a defense. Yeah, they had their go-to receivers in Pearson and Irvin, but that wasn’t what won them championships. It’s a team sport.

    Can Romo win a championship? Yeah, sure, I don’t see why not. But he’s going to need a team around him to do so. And if he doesn’t, blame Jerry Jones.

  4. Glenn says:

    Great response! Sports reporting is beyond superficial, it’s all about sensationalism. The feel good stories are very rare these days. What attracts the attention of viewers. Both those QB’s had very good lines, one better than the other. Both had HOF running backs and at the very least the #1 receivers in the league. Roger had a few decent defensive lineman, Bob Lilly & Randy White, HOF’ers and some tall guy, come to mind as . Troy’s band of merry men, had Haley and some very solid rotational players.

    Can’t agree more if I shouted on a top of the stadium, they need a better team. We’ve been talking about solid lines on both sides of the ball and it’s on Jerry for not making that happen. They’ve not really addressed the D line, but they have been drafting guards and tackles but rare is one that one has developed outside of Free.

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