Does Ryan make his defense too complicated?

Does Ryan make his defense too complicated?

I would say the answer to this is a yes and a no.

Sometimes. There are times when you have the better player by such a wide margin that you do not need to play games with the defense. If DeMarcus Ware is matched up against a Left Tackle who cannot handle him at all you should just let him go to work one on one all day long.

With Ryan’s scheme there are moments when the movement up front after the snap on stunts is just too much and the offense has already gotten the ball into the primary receivers hands. When this happens you give up big plays. But Ryan knows this and he’s willing to allow some of those plays in exchange for some turnovers and sacks when he guesses right.

Last season the big plays against the defense outweighed the big turnovers and sacks. The idea is to change that in 2012 by having two CB’s who can make a QB think twice about throwing the quick pass to avoid the pressure.


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