Spears says he hasn’t lived up to first round hype

For years I tried to understand why Marcus Spears was always guaranteed a starting job when he rarely made any big plays, read here.

The seven-year veteran defensive end was moved from the left to the right side, a switch he described as ‘uncomfortable.’ His numbers reflected it as he only recorded 29 tackles and one sack.

“It was a new position I’ve never played before. I’m a team guys and tried to do whatever helped us win, but I had some problems with it,” Spears said before competing in the Josh Howard celebrity basketball game on Saturday evening. “It’s like telling a right-handed shooter to shoot left-handed. It was completely different.”

But Spears will be back on the left side this season and says he hopes to make a bigger impact in 2012 after never truly producing like his first-round draft status suggested he would.

“I want to come out and play well and get back to my form of being that run-stopper. I want to be a guy that’s reliable. I haven’t put up the gaudy sack numbers or (lived up to) the first-round hype that you get especially being drafted with DeMarcus Ware, but I’ve been doing my job for a long time at a high level and hopefully can continue to do that on the side I’m used to.”

Doing your job at a high level means you would be noticed by your peers as one of the best in the game. The Cowboys almost let him go two years ago and then oddly signed him long term last season after they lost Stephen Bowen.

Spears will have some competition for his starting job this year from Tyrone Crawford and Sean Lissemore. If he loses the starting role he could be cut.


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10 Responses to Spears says he hasn’t lived up to first round hype

  1. Glenn says:

    Spears had been pretty good run stopper out of the 3-4, yet rarely providing pressure in passing situations. They probably would have like to have kept Bowen but he got too much from the Redskins. Wasn’t worth it to have matched that deal. Spears is fine as a back up or rotational guy but no he hasn’t lived up to first round value unfortunately. It may come down to him or Coleman on who they keep for the DL probably due to cap hit for each. He’s been a good clubhouse / team guy and the more likely to stay.

  2. lostar2009 says:

    Spears may not lived up too his draft hype but he does do his job and he really not wanting a lot of money. We really have found no one that can take his spot to be honest. Maybe Lissmore this season but we will see.

  3. Pounda says:

    Spears exemplifies the current edition of the Cowboys: lots of great speeches, but mediocre performance. Doing his job for a long time at a high level? Don’t make me laugh. Had Jerry shown interest in the defensive line like he has with wide receivers and running backs, Spears would be long gone. We also might have a dynamic defense instead of guys who make hollow speeches in the offseason, and excuses in December.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Spears been great against the run game. I think he made Spencer alot better pass rusher because he could hold the edge allowing Spencer to rush freely without to much concern for the run. The other ends give you some pass rush but they don’t hold the edge very well. He been a solid player.

    • When has Spencer been a better pass rusher? lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dcfanaticblog I said pressure not sacks talking about Spencer.you guys only view him based on sacks lol. Spencer good in coverage he don’t get the green light to rush the qb like ware. You guys want 20 probowlers lol. Get rid that overated 82 witten while he still has some value that’s the player who never shows in the big gms.

  5. lostar2009 says:

    You guys do realize we pass up on A Rod to draft Spears.. i mean think about we needed a qb then. Bledsole was in his 30’s and A rod slip in the draft.This should have been a no brainer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Trade overated Jason written no touchdown catching te are good only for the old AFL league. Why we continue to overpay this dude. Every time I watch tight ends such as Davis,Gronk,Gates,Gram, I just shake my head thinking about how Jerry over pays written. In the biggest games he can’t be found.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Spears sucks big time,he is delusional if he thinks he plays at a high level.Who is this ass clown in here saying J Witten is overrated.Some people are clueless out there.SMH.

  8. Travis says:

    Oh god it’s the IDIOT that can’t spell our pro bowl TE’s name right. Dude you need to just never post anything here ever again. Witten is the best TE in the NFL. No he isn’t the best recieving TE, but he is the best OVERALL TE that can do it all. There is a reason he has been to 8 pro bowls.

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