Irvin says noose is around Romo’s neck right now

Michael Irvin talks about pressure on Cowboys after LeBron wins first title…

Some may think Jerry has already decided that Romo will be getting a contract extension before his deal expires after the 2013 season. I do not believe this at all. For me I would not even approach Romo about anything until after this 2012 season plays out.


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6 Responses to Irvin says noose is around Romo’s neck right now

  1. Glenn says:

    This season will likely come down to the play on the offensive and defensive lines. The O line they are attempting to rebuild with some veterans and some recent draft selections. How does that work out, we don’t really know? The defensive line wasn’t addressed and will very likely be an achilles heel again this year. You just don’t win with mediocre play on both lines. I’m buying that NFL Rewind with the coaches tape so I can get a real good look at both lines. I’ve replayed games in slow motion to view the lines and I haven’t been impressed with anything I’ve seen in 3-4 years with these two units. I don’t know how guys like Gurode, Davis and Ratliff were being selected to Pro Bowls on anything but name recognition. Romo does his job pretty darn well. What hurts him is big mistakes that change the flow of the game. There isn’t anyone else or the defense who can pick the game up and cover those mistakes. Every QB throws picks, but the rest of the squad does their job. Not on our team. Who goes right back and gets a turnover or a key sack to stop any momentum. We don’t have impact players.

    Get or develop guys like Crawford, WIlbur & Hamilton in that front seven and maybe we’ll have just enough to strengthen some weaknesses. Romo can be part of the solution, but we need those 2 lines to dramatically improve for us to go deep. If he has another good year, they will continue to look at areas of weakness and work on them. What positions will that be?

  2. lostar2009 says:

    To be honest Lebron was young. He came into the league after high school . Lebron had to become a leader to win that title. Lebron didn’t flake up any games either ..

    Romo been in the league a whole bunch longer and still hasn’t done much but put up some numbers that make him look good but isn’t NFL elite , besides a qb rating.. Just like lebron it comes a time in a man life weather he knows if he wants it and go it. How to get stuff done know how to league natural and not accepting teammates BS that waste your time.. When will Promo step up???You guys can say all you want that Lee is the man which is true but this team more than he. The qb the most elite postion in sports must make his voice known and heard.

    I hear it all the time during the draft how the rate these qbs as alpha males and leaders. Now you guys say you don’t want it your team? I just you guys are okay in having a decent qb.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    If Romo doesn’t win a championship, it won’t be because he wasn’t a good enough quarterback. It will be because Jerry Jones failed to build a team around him.

    Glenn is exactly right. This season will come down to the offensive and defensive lines. Football is blocking and tackling, running the ball and stopping the run, and nothing else. Yeah, sure, throwing the ball can get you down the field, but in short yardage or goal line situations, you better be able to block and tackle, run the ball and stop the run if want that first down or touchdown, if you want to prevent that first down or touchdown.

    Jerry Jones’s greatest failure as a general manager is that he has consistently failed to maintain and develop both the offensive and defensive lines, and the quarterback and running back positions. And that’s since 1995, sports fans.

    I’ve been trying to find the clinical term for this particular affliction. I know Jerry is a malignant narcissist, but there is no clinical term for football idiot. So I’ll have to make one up. Hmmm, let’s see . . . championshipphobia?

    Look, in 96 when the team that Landry and Johnson and Switzer had built began to fall apart, as developed veterans fled in free agency by the droves because Dallas could no longer afford them–thank you, Deion Sanders–Jerry never replaced them. He failed to maintain the line, which led directly to Aikman’s early retirement due to back injuries. He failed to develop the quarterback position, and when Aikman retired, who did Jerry replace him with? Quincy Carter, the greatest bust in franchise history.

    When Novaceck retired, who did Jerry try to replace him with? David LaFleur, another bust. When Irvin retired, who did Jerry try to replace him with? Joey Galloway, another bust, and one of the worst trades ever by the way. When Emmitt was released–thank you, Bill Parcells–who did Jerry try to replace him with? Julius Jones, I don’t remember. There have been so many running backs on and off this team for the last decade it’s hard to keep track. Most of them aren’t even in the league anymore.

    See, Jerry has this affliction. I don’t know what it is, but he is nostalgic. He’s always looking for another Novaceck, another Irvin, another Aikman, another Emmitt. While all the while he neglects developing the offensive and defensive lines that won those men championships. He keeps looking for flashy outside players. It’s called Magpie Syndrome–he likes bright shiny things. He does not understand that the game is won in the trenches.

    Tony Romo fell into Jerry Jones’s lap. Neither Jerry Jones nor Bill Parcells drafted Tony Romo. Sean Payton brought him to Dallas. Romo began as the practice squad quarterback, but he worked hard, developed and eventually became the backup quarterback. It wasn’t until Drew Bledsoe–another Parcells retread–proved to be an utter failure, that we came to find out how good Romo can be.

    But he needs a team around him to win, same as any other quarterback. He needs an offensive line, a running back and a defense. Ask Dan Marino. That guy set passing records. Did he ever win a championship? NO. Ask Trent Dilfer. This guy was a bumbling buffoon in Tampa Bay, but when he got to Baltimore he took them to the Super Bowl and won. Because he had a TEAM around him.

    It’s ridiculous to me, all these people talking about how all the pressure is on Romo. No, the pressure is on the players around him. The pressure is on the defense. And all of those players were chosen and signed by . . . Jerry Jones, who is a football idiot.

    Okay, so Jerry brought in a couple of free agent guards. Maybe those guys will be an improvement. He didn’t address the center position. For a quarterback, it’s all about the interior line, guys who can block so he can step up into the pocket and make a throw. Or who can open holes for the running back. But if Phil Costa keeps getting blown up, and defenses blitz the B gap, this team is going nowhere. No quarterback can be successful without protection.

    This is my problem with Garrett’s version of the Air Coryell. It puts too much pressure on the quarterback, so it’s easy to shut down. Coryell never won a championship. And why? Because football is blocking and tackling, running the ball and stopping the run. It’s not called armball for a reason.

    I believe that Romo can win a championship, when he has a team around him. When he has an offensive line that can block, when he has a running back, and when he has a defense that can shut down opponents. Until such time, he’ll always only be another quarterback with good stats and no ring.

    It’s all on you, Jerry Jones.

    • Glenn says:

      You’re right that the pressure s/b on the team as a whole, not all on Romo. But that’s not how the media and talking heads roll. One of the attractions to Parcells for Jerry was that by going to a 3-4 he didn’t need to spend big on defensive lineman. That was a selling point by Parcells in getting the job.

      We saw 3 of the best offensive passing teams in history last year (NO, Pats & Packers) fall by the wayside to a team with the best pass rushing defensive line. What’s changed about that?

      Jury is still out on the new O line. Two names of purely average or below average players that were signed. Not only are we going with new guards but we are flipping tackles. Expect a few growing pains. Center, wow, major concern between protection and snaps as you point out. Arizona should have been an easier game and they shut us down by blasting the middle at will.

      It takes a lot to build a team. We can look back at our early 90’s teams and see that as good as the O line was, it couldn’t make Lastic into Emmitt. Our WR’s were Irvin & Harper, with Jay at TE. Harper wasn’t really that good of a route runner and average at best. Didn’t catch 40 balls in any year for us. Those were teams built around a defense and very solid 5-6 rotational defensive lineman. That D allowed the offense to do whatever they wanted. We were content to run on 3rd and 2 more than any team in my memory. Trusted Emmitt to get the 2 but if he didn’t, no problem the defense would stop the opposing team. What’s changed in building a team to win?

      Neither of our lines come close to resembling the play of those lines of the 90’s. That’s what’s been missing for the last 16 years. I wish that the analysts would point this out but the name of Romo incites interest and debate.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    I agree with everything Glenn says, but he misses the point.

    When the Cowboys were winning championships, they were running the 4-3. Mike Zimmer had the No. 1 ranked defense when Parcells took over. And what did he do? He dumped the 4-3 in favor of an ill-suited 3-4 that didn’t fit the players. And still doesn’t.

    Look, this team is easy to beat. It’s oh so obvious. On defense, just blow up the center and blitz the B-gap. That leaves Tony Romo out there, running around in the backfield desperately trying to make a play, when he’s not being buried in the dirt. On offense, simply attack the secondary. Since there’s no pressure up the middle, what’s to worry about? Just wait for a receiver to get open, step up into the pocket and throw the ball. Or better yet call a play action pass and hand the ball off to the running back. This Cowboys defense can’t stop the run, so at least you’ll get a first down or a touchdown.

    It’s all so boringly predicable. 4th quarter fades, December fades, one-and-done in the playoffs. This is not a championship team, unless or until it proves it is one.

    I do not trust Jason Garrett. He does not understand the passing game does not work without a running game. I do not trust Rob Ryan. He does not understand that complex blitzes don’t mean dick, as long as the quarterback can step up into the pocket and make a play. Outside pressure is nothing compared to inside pressure. Thank you, Bill Parcells.

    Mostly I do not trust Jerry Jones. He’s the one who built this team and assembled this coaching staff. If they do not win it all, or at least advance in the playoffs, it’s all on him.

    • Glenn says:

      Oh, I knew we ran the 4-3 in the 90’s! As a former DC, I think I know the difference. I believe that part of the problem is that we have a square peg in the middle with Ratliff. You have to have a true nose tackle and the LB’ers have been too weak at the point of attack the last 2 years. Lack of D lineman who can pressure the middle is a huge problem and why you’re mentioning the clean pocket we give QB’s. Allows teams to wash Spencer out very easily. Spencer is a one trick pony and has his one move upfield. We watch Eli & Vick step up and under his rush on the outside time and time again. They push Ware past the pocket and step inside of him too.

      I was a little surprised when they made the transition to the 3-4 when Parcells came in given the success with the 4-3 under Zim. You are correct collapsing a pocket is paramount to the success of a defense. Ryan runs various schemes and while he uses the 3-4 as the base D, he runs a 4-3 in passing situations a good percentage of the time. However, you have to have the personnel to attack the middle and I’m not seeing the players who can do that.

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