DCFanatic Radio – Let’s talk about pressure on Cowboys

DCFanatic Radio – Let’s talk about pressure on Cowboys. Decided to jump on quick and talk about the pressure on the Cowboys three levels: Players, coaches and fron office.

DCFanatic Radio – June 23, 2012

Jerry Jones escapes yet again!

Hope you guys enjoyed the show.


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7 Responses to DCFanatic Radio – Let’s talk about pressure on Cowboys

  1. Anonymous says:

    When Demarcus Ware or Claiborne get wins and losses beside their names like coaches or Qb’s do Then I will buy your argument…

    • Bruce Smith. Never got a Super Bowl win and it’s talked about all the time. Reggie White finally got one with Packers and it was talked about. Derrick Thomas never got one and it’s talked about when you mention his career.

      I never said the pressure of Claiborne was equal to that of Romo.

      • Anonymous says:

        You name me a player in the NFL at the position other than the QB who gets wins and losses put after his name like a coach??? Bruce Smith never won a SB and its talked about all the time where??? I live in WNY and nationally Bruce Smith’s name NEVER gets mentioned anymore compared to the QB of this team…. Not unlike a pitcher, or a goalie the QB and the coach get the wins and losses tabbed on them… You want to defend your boy I don’t know why… I don’t think Romo has any more pressure on him than normal and truth be told if this team has a 5-11 6-10 season Jerry still extends him cause there are NO options out there and he has a new building to fill…

        • Great players that have never won a Super Bowl. Smith will have his name mentioned every time. Jim Kelly, not.

          Ware is getting as much criticism as Romo now because he can’t get the defense to perform in the clutch.

          • Anonymous says:

            Kelly and Smith went to 4 4yrs in a row both are in the HOF… One playoff victory is a lil different than coming up empty in 4 superbowls… I don`t know what your argument is and why you are trying to throw Bruce Smith and Jim Kelly under a bus here cause they have no rings… To me IMO your argument was to show how other players and personel have the same amount of pressure or more than Romo… My point was and still is name me the position in football on the field other than QB that gets tagged with wins and losses beside their name like a Pitcher or a coach or a goalie… When the league does that than I will buy into the argument that Claiborne,Ware,Ratliff,Dez,Miles etc have just as much pressure on them as 9…

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Here’s what I think the problem is, Fanatic. In the 60s, Dallas was reviled. Nobody liked the upstart team from Texas, except of course for the in-state fans. They were our first and then only NFL team, we loved them and wanted them to win. But outside of state and in the media the Cowboys were mocked, ridiculed, insulted, and even threatened at times. Everybody wanted and expected them to lose, called them “The Bridesmaids of the NFL,” “Next Year’s Champions” and all that.

    In the 70s, everything clicked. First, there was more and more television exposure, and that was important. Second, Staubach came in and won the Super Bowl. Suddenly everybody wanted to watch the Cowboys. They were the most exciting team in the league. The multiple offense, the Flex defense, the stoic coach, the Dirty Dozen, another Super Bowl, not to mention the Cheerleaders, the Cowboys just looked better on TV than any other team. They captured the imagination of the nation. By the end of the decade, they truly were America’s Team. The Dallas Cowboys Weekly had subscribers in every state, and at away games half the fans in the stands were wearing Cowboys jerseys.

    That lasted through the mid-80s, when the inevitable fall off began. The team was still immensely popular, but they weren’t very good. Schramm and Landry were turning things around with a couple of good drafts. All they needed was a quarterback. But then Jerry Jones came in and bought the team.

    I can’t tell you how despised that man is in Texas. I know guys, lifelong fans for 29 years, who haven’t watched a Cowboys game since 1988, only because Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry. I’m serious, and I’m like, well, who do you follow now? They’ve lost interest in football, if you can believe it.

    89 through 91 were frustrating years. Nobody trusted Johnson. Talk about pressure, replacing Tom Landry. But we had one hope, Aikman. The turn around was so swift and so sudden in 92-93, back-to-back Super Bowls, once again the Cowboys were the most exciting team in the league. And it was a beautiful thing. But Jerry Jones screwed it all up.

    Hiring Switzer out of spite was a mistake. That man was the most hated man in Texas, because of all those years he brought OU across the Red River and beat UT. But he did take the Cowboys to a Conference Championship and he did win a Super Bowl, so we cut him a little slack. However, the team quit on him after 96.

    In the late 90s, Gailey never caught on. Campo was a disaster in the early 2000s. But that was mainly because of poor general management, bad drafts, disastrous trades, and salary cap hell. When Parcells came in there was some excitement, but I was skeptical. I just never liked the guy. He didn’t cut Quincy Carter on sight, and he kept recycling failed players from losing teams past. That didn’t work.

    In 06, the Romo era began. He’s an exciting player to watch, but he doesn’t have a team around him. Wade Phillips couldn’t inspire the locker room, because everyone knew he was a sock puppet. The team quit on him and he was fired. Then Garrett was promoted.

    Now, personally, I find Garrett annoying. Jerry Jones says he’s out “next Tom Landry.” My ass. Tom Landry fundamentally changed the game of football. All Jason Garrett has done is copy the Air Coryell offense. What Jerry means is that Jason is going to be around for a long, long time. He is not going to fire him, because doing so would be admitting he made a mistake in hiring him. And Jerry loves his redheaded stepchild.

    You talk about pressure on Romo and Ware. Those two guys show up and play, as does Witten. The real pressure is on the rest of the players. You talk about pressure on Garrett and Ryan. There’s a little on the former and a lot on the latter. You talk about pressure on the front office, and you’re right to question the scouting department. They haven’t drafted well in years, but that goes more to poor general management.

    You’re also right that Jerry Jones escapes criticism, but there’s a reason for that. For the last five years the media has been talking about how talented this team is. They’re building up expectations. The Cowboys remain the most popular team in the league, but the media’s goal is not to play to the fan’s hopes and dreams. It’s to allow Jerry Jones to make a fool of himself.

    I mean, come on. Pizza commercials, a failed Super Bowl host, a cameo on the repeat of Dallas, a show that I will never watch for only that reason, the man has become a laughing stock. He thinks he’s JR Ewing. Everyone else thinks he’s a joke.

    Honest criticism is the best criticism. Jerry Jones escapes that so he can be set up for a fall. The real pressure in on him, only he doesn’t know it. He’s a patsy.

    We’ll see how this season goes. Naturally I want the Cowboys to play like men and win. Instinctively, though, I suspect they’ll be mediochre. 9-7, maybe 10-6, the division will be tough but not impossible to win. I don’t see this team getting past the divisional round in the playoffs. Maybe, but I doubt it.

  3. DaBoogityMan says:

    As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned — it has, & always will be on the shoulders of the QB. Meredith went to the playoffs his last 3 years but he couldnt get past Green Bay & Cleveland. He knew who the pressure was on when he got boo’ed out of that steakhouse after the team lost a game.
    White lost 3 straight Conference title games. Now its Romo’s turn to play his way in to whatever legendary Cowboy status he is afforded.
    Staubach is 2-2 on his Super Bowl resume & Aikman is 3-0 — so they get thier praise as it should be.
    I had the opportunity to ask Staubach a straight up question one time. While everyone was asking all sorts of PC questions, I asked a very simple one: Which team was better built, the 71 team or the 77 team. (I didnt ask which team could have beaten the other one because that is question that is impossible to answer & only raises an arguement with no way to provide proof of the answer.) Staubach answered very honestly IMO & said the 77 team was better built hands down because it had great depth across the board. He followed that up by saying that the 71 team had a decent offense but a great defense. I throw that bit in about Staubach because I think pressure falls in different areas depending on who’s perspective we are looking at this thing from. I would say DeMarcus Ware feels a considerable amount of pressure — Im pretty sure Jason Witten feels the pressure. Me personally, The pressure is on all of them — Management, coaches & players alike. But when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys & the way they are perceived in the media & fan base — History cant be ignored & its obvious that the pressure is on the QB. Im not saying its right, not saying its fair, its just the way its always been.

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