The Blitz: Romo sits down with Bill and Mickey

Here’s Tony Romo talking everything Cowboys on The Blitz…

The Blitz – Part One

The Blitz – Part Two with Romo

The Blitz – Part Three

The Blitz – Part Four

Romo is so guarded these day. Sound like Garrett now. I don’t think any of the WR’s shocked anyone in the offseason practices. But that can change in TC.


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3 Responses to The Blitz: Romo sits down with Bill and Mickey

  1. Glenn says:

    The PR team sits with him and other players to go over the sound bites for the media. It’s a shame but saying the wrong thing can be destructive to a player. Romo does anything and it makes a segment for NFLN. Cabo, golf, dating, engagement, wedding, birth, etc. They have to sadly be so vanilla, that the fun of who there are is stripped from most players and certainly, the QB of America’s Team. Romo is established as a top QB, regardless of ranking by the talking heads. Because he’s been the QB for several years, he gets bashed more as they anoint the team as SB contenders each year because of the bobble heads assessment of the talent pool in Dallas. Romo becomes the guy with the bullseye on his forehead. That he failed the whole team, the organization and the fan base. Has nothing to do with the other 52 players, coaches & front office.

  2. Glenn says:

    It’s no different than listening to Rob Ryan or any coach for that matter praising their players to the media. Hit the locker room and they break out the vocabulary questioning their IQ, birth records, etc.

  3. chunk chavez says:

    Bruce Carter may be damaged goods.

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