Nate Newton would trade Dez for Harvin ASAP!

Nate Newton says he would trade Dez Bryant for Percy Harvin right now…

Nah. Harvin is a very good player, but Dez is bigger and can do more damage for a longer time providing he becomes a consistent player.


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7 Responses to Nate Newton would trade Dez for Harvin ASAP!

  1. Jordan says:

    Your off your rocker Nate Newton. If anything trade Mike Jenkins and a draft pick for Percy Harvin.

  2. tae says:

    nah dez has almost similar receiving yards, the same number of touchdowns with less catches and dez is bigger and can do just about everything percy can do and more especially as a receiver. Dez has done some immature things but for all these former althetes and coaches to be coming out just attacking him like he has been to prison is crazy. He is on the normal receiver curve. Usually takes three years to breakout. It took calvin johnson four years before he had 1000 years. There are receivers that have come in ahead of that curve like aj green, anquan boldin, and randy moss. I thonk a lot of people expect dez to come right out the gate like he was andre johnson.

    • Chris says:

      well said, tae. this is just an ex-player using his notoriety to spark controversy and get some attention

  3. Anonymous says:

    Percy Harvin had to be restrained from physically attacking Brad Childress. Urban Meyer said in his book that Harvin DID attack his position coach at Florida. And you want to trade Dez for that? That’s how I know there’s some Dez hate going on.

  4. Glenn says:

    Fill air time! The upside is for Dez not Harvin. Percy’s good but he’s not that big and may have hit his ceiling. The Cowboys could use Dez as a punt returner but choose not to, so if they pulled this trade, would they really make Harvin their returner? Dez is getting up to speed with the offense and all people I’ve heard see big things coming. I’m not interested and don’t see him being traded for Jenkins but if anything were to happen that might be it. Similar contracts, so it’s possible.

  5. waus says:

    Perhaps, the best way to motivate Dez this season is to hire a couple of mall cops to run down the sideline during his routes. That should get Dez in gear.

  6. Dave says:

    Provocative!!! Something to get the people going!

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