Miles or Dez: More pressure to have a big 2012?

Right now I think the pressure on these two players is exactly even…

Miles has to live up to the big contract and show us he can avoid the injury list.

Dez has to prove he can be consistent and that he was worth that #1 draft pick.


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One Response to Miles or Dez: More pressure to have a big 2012?

  1. Glenn says:

    This is a show me year for both of them. Miles isn only making about 1.5M this year but it kicks in next year to the 5-6M range going forward. So it’s time to get value for that deal. It’s already hurt them for the cap hit they took. In the next few years he gets a nice piece of coin, but they aren’t paying out 10M a year for a top WR either. Dez on the other hand has to show he’s as good as advertised and in some ways is playing for his next contract. Either they will look to extend him or either trade or let him play out his deal. He’s with Rosenhaus now so it’s likely he will want a new deal next off season, regardless of performance this year. I see this as a problem next year with his agent especially if he has a very productive season. More pressure, probably is on Dez.

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