Woody is not a fan of the Cowboys tackling

This really isn’t a new thought from Darren Woodson because he has bashed the Cowboys defense in the past, read here.

“Look at the Packers and how they tackle,” Woodson said. “They are terrible. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. I love Charles Woodson, but it’s either the spectacular play or the guy’s getting an extra six or seven yards. They are all trying to make that big play.”

Not such a bad idea, either. The Packers defense forced 45 total turnovers in 2011. Quite possibly, one forced fumble, one risk is worth five missed tackles alone. But Butler and Darren Woodson didn’t think in those terms.

Guys were ridiculed by coaches and peers for a missed tackle. A missed tackle equated to week-long shame Woodson believes no longer exists.

At Arizona State, linebackers coach Lovie Smith rode him for any missed tackle. In the NFL, Woodson ensured the Cowboys maintained the same pride.

“The guy made the catch but the RAC yards weren’t there,” Woodson said. “Myself, Deion (Sanders), Brock Marion, even Larry Brown. . . . There was a sense of embarrassment. Now, there’s no embarrassment. Nobody’s embarrassed if they miss a tackle.”

Maybe there’s a curmudgeon, uphill-both-ways undertone in any former player’s voice. Butler calls the state of tackling today “embarrassing,” adding that Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson could score every week if he wanted. Woodson? The Cowboys “are garbage at tackling,” he said. “They won’t hit a soul.”

He’s right. The tackling in the league today is atrocious. Go read the entire article because there is also some good quotes from former Safety Roy Williams.


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4 Responses to Woody is not a fan of the Cowboys tackling

  1. Anonymous says:

    Woody, you are part of the problem. If any coach practices tackling and key player gets hurt. ESPN will have 6 or 7 different shows ripping the coach. Along with the new player safety rules and emphasize on offense , tackling will be atrocious. You can’t hit a QB high or low. smh..smh

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I read this article this morning. I found it odd that they highlighted Roy Williams. He was nothing but an embarrassment after Darren Woodson retired.

    Darren Woodson is one of all-time favorite Cowboys. He belongs in the Ring of Honor and in the Hall of Fame. That man was a football player, and a Cowboy first and last.

    He’s exactly right, the tackling in this league is atrocious. Know why? Because teams don’t have tackling drills anymore. I truly believe that’s why Demarcus Wape keeps suffering neck injuries. Poor or improper technique. He’s not being well coached.

    It’s the same reason why fullbacks and running backs are so hard to come by. High schools and colleges are going with the spread offense, which emphasizes the passing game, so those positions are not developed.

    Football is blocking and tackling, running the ball and stopping the run. That’s it. All this pass happy crap today is just that, crap.

    I’ll tell you what, none of these fancy boys playing today could have survived a quarter in the 70s. The Cowboys would have shut them out. The Steelers would have brutalized them. The Raiders would have murdered them. I am not kidding.

    You know, back in the day, the Cowboys were actually afraid of playing the Raiders. Several players admitted it. They thought those guys had brass knuckles hidden in their pants. And I’ll tell you something else too. A lot of guys back then would tape magazines around their forearms to make a club, so when they blocked or tackled it hurt.

    Today, these overpaid prima donnas with their new CBA that limits practices, limits contact in practices, limits the number of practices in pads, none of them could have survived a quarter in the 70s. You think the game is violent, physical today? Imagine being clotheslined by a guy with a magazine taped around his arm.

    Football as I know it, as I grew up with, is extinct, I’m sad to say. The team that gets back to fundamentals, blocking and tackling, running the ball and stopping the run, will be dominant, as has always been true.

    You can throw the ball all you want. How about we bury your quarterback in the dirt? Now what? Your entire offense has been completely shut down. You don’t have a running game, so now what are you going to do? The pass happy offense is so easy to neutralize.

    This season will turn on the strength of the offensive line, the power of the running game, and the dominance of the defense.

  3. waus says:

    I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands lately, so, this afternoon I found myself contemplating the upcoming season for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Suddenly a giddiness overtook my psyche.

    I contemplated the source of this joy and after pondering the origin for several minutes it dawned on me. For the first time since the day before the 2008 NFL draft, I know longer have to psychologically deal with the fact that Martellus Bennett is listed on the roster for the Cowboys.

    It’s already shaping up to be a great season.

  4. chunk chavez says:

    If we knew how to tackle romo would have a hell of a lot more than one lousy playoff win. Yet it’s all romo’s fault for some reason. I guess cos the haters love showing the clip of the dropped snap.

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