Broaddus: Butler was pretty impressive in minicamps

Here’s Bryan Broaddus giving us a recap on the recent minicamp, read here.

Best Player(s): I am going to give you two players that really stood out to me each day and they both come from the defensive side of the ball. Jason Hatcher and Victor Butler did something that stood out in every practice I was able to see live, then later study. Hatcher was active against the run playing with his hands, shedding blocks and getting to the ball on the move. As a pass rusher it didn’t matter where his point of entree was, he was disruptive. In stunts and twists, he was difficult to block. This was the Hatcher that I thought you were going to get in 2011 once he saw his buddy Stephen Bowen get paid but in my eyes, there were not near enough of the types of plays or technique that I just described. Needs to see if he can keep this up into training camp.

Victor Butler was outstanding in these camps in my eyes. When I watch him, I always see a productive player but I don’t believe my vision is clouded of him. I have always seen a good football player. In these camps he had the opportunity to play both strong and weak linebacker because of time that Ware and Spencer both missed. Butler to be honest was unblockable at times for guys like Doug Free and Tyron Smith. Butler has a really nice feel for how to rush the passer by not giving much of a hitting surface. As mentioned before, paired with Jason Hatcher was able to put some serious pressure on these offensive linemen and quarterbacks. Maybe this is the season where Butler gets more of an opportunity opposite Ware on some early downs.

Most Improved: I wish I could have said David Arkin but I am going to have to say it was Dwayne Harris. Harris looks like a totally different player in the way he has redone his body which has added much more quickness to his game. I have never had a problem with his hands but overall, he just moves like a better player and is finding ways to get open and make plays. Has a chance to be your returner and give you some productive snaps at receiver.

Best Rookie: Kyle Wilber started the rookie camp very well until he fractured his finger and missed the other camps. Tyrone Crawford was in the same boat but his was a calf injury. You can also put Danny Coale in there too. I was surprised how well Adrian Hamilton adjusted from having his hand on the ground to playing on two feet but the rookie that did something every day to get noticed was wide receiver Cole Beasley. From the slot, Beasley just flat made plays and it didn’t matter who was covering him. Bealsey has a feel for how to use his quickness and smarts to get open on routes. With the ball in his hands, he can be an explosive player. You could tell that the quarterbacks enjoy throwing him the ball because you see their eyes looking that way when they get the snap. Where Beasley is really going to have to prove his worth is on special teams and as a possible returner which he should get plenty of work at.

Good stuff from Bryan. Beasley making a run at a spot on the roster. This is far from the first time we have heard of Victor Butler looking like he is ready for more playing time. Dwayne Harris should be the player designated as the kick and punt returner for the 2012 season.


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One Response to Broaddus: Butler was pretty impressive in minicamps

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was watching Hard Knocks on the NFL network last night. I never realized how bad those Campo’s Cowboys were. Geez, Quincy and Chad H. Listen to Bruce C. talk about Tyson Walter. Makes you love Tony Romo even more.

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