Ware and Romo make the USA Top 50 List

The USA Today has come up with a Top 50 NFL Players list and two Cowboys are on it, read here.

USA Today recently released its 2012 NFL preview magazine and it contains a top 50 players list, which includes a couple of Cowboys.

As to be expected, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware ranked No. 4 overall, one spot higher than where the magazine placed him a year ago. But somewhat surprisingly, quarterback Tony Romo cracked the list at No. 23, fifth-highest among players at his position.

“The only higher-rated passers last year were Aaron Rodgers, (Drew) Brees and Tom Brady,” wrote NFL writer David Elfin, who compiled the list. “Romo has a 47-30 regular season record, but his 1-3 playoff mark keeps him from being considered a truly elite quarterback.”

Witten should be in the Top 50 for sure.


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4 Responses to Ware and Romo make the USA Top 50 List

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ware is a very good player but he’s not top five, he had 19.5 sacks and there was barely a key one among them…until Dallas gets three more to help him, like the Giants, this team isn’t going anywhere. Pass rush makes a corner, not the other way round

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Jason Witten not only belongs in the top 50. He belongs in the top 5. That man is a true football player.

    He never causes any trouble on or off the field. He has never done anything to embarrass the team. All he does is show up for work, do his job and do it well. He’s a prototypical blue collar player.

    I’ve met him. He signed a copy of Landry’s Boys that I gave to a young friend of mine, a cancer survivor. It meant the world to him, because Jason Witten is his hero.

    When I met Jason Witten again the next year, I told him how that kid’s eyes lit up when I gave him that book. And he was actually proud, shook my hand and thanked me. I thanked him.

    Not many players are like that. There are a lot of punks in the NFL, and more than a few are on this top 50 list. They are physically gifted, but regardless of their stats their character is suspect. They act like gangstas, as if it means something.

    Yeah, well, those guys will all be broke in no time soon. Look at Terrell Owens. For all his physical talent, for all his stats and records, he caused dissension in every locker room and team he played on. And how exactly does a grown man blow $80 million in ten years? Now, he can’t even keep a job in the Indoor Football League. And why? Because he blew off a visit to a children’s hospital.

    Look at Plaxico Burress. This guy shoots himself in the leg with an unregistered firearm in a night club and goes to prison. Look at Michael Vick. Dog fighting, are you kidding me? He went to prison too. And now he wants to be respected?

    Quincy Carter came down here to play in the Arena Football league. He was arrested for possession before the season began. It was all over the news. The team soon folded after that. And to think he was once the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Thanks, Jerry.

    DUIs, bar fights, domestic violence, drug possession, the list goes on. You’ll never see Jason Witten on that list. And you won’t see Tony Romo or Demarcus Ware on it either.

    Congratulations to those two for making the top 50. Romo is a better quarterback than some realize. I’d like to see what he can do behind an effective offensive line. Ware is a phenomenal linebacker. I’d like to see what he can do with an effective defensive line.

    But as far as character goes, I’ll take Witten. That man is a true football player. He understands what he means to his fans.

  3. Glenn says:

    Nice to see someone who appreciates the play of Romo, the QB and not the bashing he usually takes as America’s Teams QB. The guy is a solid pocket passer and great at extending plays. He’s continued to improve and when given time, takes apart blitzing teams. To be the 2nd all time in QBR doesn’t come easy. When we give Romo an offensive & defensive line, we’ll see if he can deliver the big one. Until then he’s our only hope to be competitive.

  4. waus says:

    We have to remember that Romo played about 6 weeks with damaged ribs. His numbers were elite while playing with an injury that keeps most people from even getting out of a reclining chair.

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