Romo one of the most unfairly criticized?

Romo one of the most unfairly criticized?

Tony Romo is the most underrated and most overrated player in the NFL.

To me this is a fact.


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3 Responses to Romo one of the most unfairly criticized?

  1. CuttyCain says:

    He is the most unfairly scrutinized player maybe of all time. Almost like Lebron is getting it in the NBA. Think about this for a sec., when Romo took over as our starter midseason in 2004 he basically was a rookie because he never started a game once before. But yet he leads us to the playoffs. Come on he should get more props for that alone. Then people say he has no clutch gene. Even though his career 4th quarter QB rating is above Brees, Manning, Brady, Rodgers and your boy Eli. To throw more salt on the wound he has the second highest QB rating in NFL History. Overrated where? With numbers like that how can you be overrated.

  2. Glenn says:

    For me, he’s just the most criticized QB in the league! Dallas Cowboys, America’s Teams QB! They do segments on the NFLN & ESPN on his life, his golf, his dating, his wedding, birth of his son. He is news and an easy target. Sadly every DC QB has to clam up and be as distant as possible given the scrutiny.

    I think after his early start in 2006 everyone came to expect miracle plays and that he’d never throw a pick or let them down. He gave the team a shot every week. His escapes reminded me of Staubach performing the same twists and improbable completions. The bar was set high after what he did in 2006 and 2007. Romo’s ascension to the Pro Bowl after only 10 games did put that overrated label out there. Where I think Romo’s underrated is that he puts together very good games without a solid offensive line and running game. Teams know the Cowboys can’t run the ball when they need that tough yard. Defenses know that the Cowboys go to quick drops and they can tighten coverages and create smaller windows. Romo still completes a high percentage and all things considered is able to keep the turnovers down over the full season.

    Another factor with his critics is that so many talking heads say their is such great talent here. There really isn’t any more talent here than there is on about half the league or more. But the Cowboys are the most visible team in the NFL with the largest fan base and the largest group of haters. The bobble heads cater to both to keep fueling the excitement. The Cowboys with their quiet demeanor these days doesn’t give them scandalous stories to talk about. So Romo is their target. Just wish we had stronger lines on both sides of the ball, to see if Romo could then deliver. I’ve said it for light years and by no means the first, no defense, no lines, no rings!

  3. beWARE says:

    He’s definitely the most criticized. Nobody cares as much about the other guys on that list.

    Heck, they couldn’t even put Romo on the list without a criticism… “He’s got to protect the ball when it’s on the line”

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