Let’s clear something up on Mike Jenkins

When Ian Rappaport reported that Mike Jenkins was playing games about his medical records he was 100% accurate in his reporting.

When the stories come out now that the Cowboys NOW have all the medical records those reports are 100% accurate.

How is that possible DC?

Time. It keeps on moving. When Rappaport made his report the Cowboys did not have all of Jenkins records from Dr. James Andrews. Since the report they have received the records and now everything is happy joy joy. Or at least that’s what they want you to belive publicly.

But here is the real story.

The Cowboys wanted Jenkins at Valley Ranch this entire time rehabbing the injury with their people. And they belive if he had been there the entire time that there would be no talk about the PUP list.

But Jenkins not only stayed in Florida he also went to get a 2nd opinion on his shoulder and didn’t tell the Cowboys about the findings when he made this visit. He decided to wait until he arrived a few days ago to straighten that stuff out.

Pretty easy to figure out that if the Cowboys had those findings which are now pushing back Jenkins recovery time they would have wanted him at Valley Ranch ever more.

So he shows up with an attitude of a child and now will start Training Camp on the PUP list. The Cowboys now have the records to look at and get even more mad that this idiot didn’t do what was best for the team. Great.

Jerry Jones wants you to think everything is great, but they are annoyed with Jenkins.

And now that they are annoyed with him even more than they were before this Minicamp what’s his next move?

The Cowboys want him to stay at Valley Ranch to let them work on his shoulder which is already behind schedule. Nah, he’s going back to Florida until training camp.

Now all you Mike Jenkins fans can sit around and stick up for him. Meanwhile I will sitting around and looking after the fortunes of the Dallas Cowboys. The star and the team always comes before one player. Root for the players because they are Dallas Cowboys, but when that same player is hurting the Dallas Cowboys then it’s time to be frustrated with him for hurting the team.

The end.


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18 Responses to Let’s clear something up on Mike Jenkins

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC, come on. This is Jenkins’ body. He should get his own independent decision outside of the Cowboys, every player should. Dr. James Andrews is the considered the best. Your last statement shows the difference between fans and players. Fans care about the star and the team while NFL players have to worry about the family and the long term health after football. The NFL health plan for retirees is horrible. I don’t fault Jenkins for anything. He has done everything that he is required to do. That’s a fact.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Fanatic has every right to say whatever the hell he wants about the Cowboys, as I do or any other fan does. This is our team. It doesn’t belong to Jerry Jones, who wouldn’t have $2 for a cup of coffee if it weren’t for us. We are what makes them America’s Team.

    All you rah-rah boys and go-team girls need to grow up. 16 seasons with only one playoff victory is completely unacceptable. I blame the demon in possession of Jerry Jones, but that’s another matter.

    You want to praise the Dallas Cowboys, these Dallas Cowboys, for what? They haven’t won anything. You want to criticize the Dallas Cowboys, these Dallas Cowboys, fine. You have every reason to.

    But don’t come on here and bitch about your host. He’s a FANatic. If you don’t like what he has to say, don’t read it and STF up. There are plenty of other websites for you to prove what a rude idiot you are.

    I don’t know what is going on with this Jenkins situation. I do know that if he starts training camp on PUP, it’s only going to lower his trade value. And lessen his chances of getting that big dollar contract he so desperately wants in free agency. Beyond that, he’s just another draft bust to me.

    Also, I don’t get what it is with all these injuries. I understand that it’s a physical sport and that injuries are part of the game. But these guys have had months off to heal, and these current practices are in jerseys and shorts. So what is it with all these hamstring, hip, rib, shoulder injuries? I don’t get it. These guys can’t even make it through mini-camp, and you expect them to win playoff games?

    I understand re-hab. Believe me, I understand. But at some point you have to question why all of these guys are getting injured in walk-throughs in jerseys and shorts. Seriously, none of them could have run the Landry Mile back in the day.

    What I want, all I want, is for the Cowboys to play like men and win. Fanatic feels the same way.

    So, “Anonymous,” you can kiss my royal blue butt star, and DCFanatic’s as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Soothsayer, Clearly you have it out for Jerry for firing your childhood idol Tom Landry and that’s fine. I’m not the biggest Jerry Jones fan either, but at the end of the day the man has 3 SuperBowl trophies on his watch and that’s more than what was won under the Tom Landry era. The Cowboys were the team of the 90’s in the Nfl and you can’t overlook that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The guy had offseason shoulder surgery he was gonna be put on the pup list regardless if he was in Florida or staying in Valley Ranch. Not even Mr Miyagi could heal his shoulder in time for training camp. Jenkins has to do what’s best for him at this point. Like Deion says He’s making a Business Decision.

    • Dumb Donald says:

      But you’re missing the point. Jenkins will not benefit doing it HIS way. He would benefit by not sulking and just prepare himself for the best season he could possibly have. It helps his value and his current employer: The Dallas Cowboys. What other team is going to give him the big contract he desires if he’s on the PUP list and wastes away a contract year?

      • Anonymous says:

        The minute Mike Jenkins hits free agency he will be highly pursued. Jenkins will most likely be the first corner signed and will probably set the market for db’s. He’ll get paid as long as he doesn’t suffer a major injury this season. Jenkins will only be what 27 or 28 years old? Corners are in high demand now and Jenkins will most likely get what Finnergan and Carr are making.

  4. All of this stuff you are saying would make sense if…


    They know the job description. They accept the description. They have a choicer in the matter. If they don’t like the way the game works they take a hike.

    SMH. Some of you fans act like these players are doing this for free.

  5. The Soothsayer says:

    Fanatic is exactly correct. These guys are getting paid a lot of money to do a job. They know the job description, and they agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.

    “Anonymous” is exactly incorrect. These players are not the “property” of the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL is not the US military. These are professional football players who knew exactly what they were doing when they signed up. And now they don’t like it? What, they want more money? They want a new contract? Prove that you’re worth it on the field.

    As far as Tom Landry goes, “Anonymous” obviously doesn’t know who he’s talking about. Tom Landry won more football games, more playoff games and more Conference Championships than all of Jerry Jones’s coaches combined.

    So he lost three Super Bowls. At least he got his team there. The loss to Baltimore in Super Bowl V was due to questionable calls by the referees, as were the two losses to Pittsburg.

    Jerry Jones has never won a Super Bowl. Tom Landry did. Jimmy Johnson did. Barry Switzer did. Since then it’s been flop and slop all over the field.

    This is Jerry Jones’s record: sixteen consecutive seasons with only one playoff victory. Bad drafts, disastrous trades, poor free agent signings, and a lot of hot air about the Cowboys going to the Super Bowl. The man is a midget standing on the shoulders of giants, with a loud mouth.

    The higest paid roster in the league that can barely win 8 games. Those are your Jerry Jones’s Cowboys right there.

    • dcfanaticsblog says:

      You are dumber than shit. Every player in the NFL is playing with some kind of ailment by the end of the season. Romo came back the game with broken ribs. He could have taken that game off, but he chose to put his ass on the line.

      Your ass isn’t on the field for too long and the team gets rid of you.

      Wake up already. This game is about results. It’s not about being friends with these employees. Get the fucking job done or take a fucking hike. Bottom line.

      Mike Jenkins isn’t some special player.

      And let’s this out there too. The idiot hurt himself by jumping at a weird angle when he didn’t have to leave his feet…

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously Soothsayer we all know the Cowboys were awful in the late 80s and Tom Landry should’ve been stepped down as Head Coach. Jerry Jones came in and turned things around. You have to give Jerry credit for hiring Jimmy Johnson in the first place. I bet you were one of the Landry guys that thought their was no way Jimmy Johnson would come from Miami and be able to get the Cowboys to a SuperBowl. Now you guys act like you were all on board with the Jimmy Johnson hiring when all of you Landry supporters hated anything associated with Jerry Jones’ Cowboys.

      • Anonymous says:

        I grew up watching the Cowboys in the early 80’s so I never got a chance to see them win a SuperBowl. I will always thank Jerry for giving me a opportunity to witness my team win a Superbowl. I can’t imagine what the Eagles fans are going thru.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok so Jerry doesn’t get any credit for the Superbowl wins the Coaches do, but he gets the blame for the 16 seasons with 1 playoff win not the coaches?

  6. Scottie Jordan says:

    DC, I like your website and value your opinions, however I disagree with you on Jenkins. I dont see the need to get all wound up over this situation. He obviously isnt happy he wasnt rewarded with a new contract(after playing hurt all year) so he’s choosing to stay away from the team when its not mandatory. BTW, now your judging the way he got injured, ridiculous. Hes not talking to the press and saying stupid things, throwing coaches and teamates under the bus, or creating a distraction from the team at this point. I would probably do the same thing if I were in his shoes. If you knew you could make much better money elswhere why wouldnt you attempt to do so? He will be at camp, he wont be a T.O. and create a specticale and he will be make plays for the cowboys. Thats a fact

  7. The Soothsayer says:

    I’ll give him credit for one Super Bowl, with Landry’s and Johnson’s and Switzer’s players. But that back-to-back championship team in 92-93, he doesn’t deserved any credit for. Jimmy Johnson was head coach and general manager then. He had total control over personnel. It was in his contract.

    Jimmy hired the coaches. He signed the free agents. He made the draft picks. Still, the core of those teams were built by Landry. All Jerry did was sign the checks. Switzer came in, made a couple of good draft picks, made it to the Conference Championship and then won a Super Bowl. Since Jerry became large and in charge, the Cowboys have made it past the first round of the playoffs only once. And, no, Wade, a bye week doesn’t count. They haven’t won a divisional round since 95. And that’s a fact.

    Look at the results. You can lick Jerry Jones’s butt all you want, but it doesn’t change the results. And when your brown nose figures out that the stink you’re smelling comes from losing and all the crap Jerry has been selling for 16 years, then you’ll know the difference between Shinola and shit. Not that it would matter to you, ass whipe.

    • Glenn says:

      Part of the massive problem he’s had is always thinking he was one or two players away from a super team. I was watching Hard Knocks from 02 and couldn’t believe how good he felt about Carter at QB and some of the other guys who never made it onto the field. Not sure what they saw in some of those draft picks that year or most others. At the time they felt that Roy Williams #31 was a good cover safety coming out of college! He let Parcells have say in picks and he was no better. Always felt they were after the best player that fit their schemes or their needs instead of the best football players. Is he finally changing that philosophy? Looks like it might be.

      Soothsayer, most fans hear of the legacy that was Tom Landry, but you and I watched his teams since we were pups. He was light years ahead of other coaches and it was a huge advantage to always out coach the other team. Didn’t hurt having Roger, Lily, White, TD, Drew, Too Tall, etc, even Duane Thomas …..

    • Anonymous says:

      Landry’s Core? You mean all of those slackers Michael Irvin told Jimmy he needed to get rid of. I think you are really stretching it saying Jerry won with Landry’s core. I mean Irvin and Norton and some guys on the o-line were key contributors. But that team was mostly Jerry and Jimmys guys. Yes Jerry was apart of those teams Soothsayer. Who was responsible for making the Charles Haley trade happen? That’s right Jerry Jones.

  8. Glenn says:

    I’ll keep saying it, if he’s been holding back his records and can’t play until mid season, I might look to just put him on IR and let him swing in the wind for his next contract.

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