Jenkins defenders don’t know what they are talking about

Been dealing with the Jenkins fanatics all week, lol. Half of them think he plays for free and the other half are just uninformed morons who love to post comments here on the blog.

Take this jackass for example.

He comments…

no you idiot he hurt himself when plaxico blindsided him or did you forget. He came back after that and made a nice tackle on plax. Seems you have selective memory when trying to make your point

Really? Now let me educate this nitwit.

Here’s the Plaxico play…

He clearly takes the shot to his left shoulder and also lands on the left shoulder. At that point he banged up the shoulder. But it is not what caused the surgery.

Jenkins hurt his RIGHT shoulder a bunch of times this season and this was the straw that broke the camels back…

That’s the play that separated his shoulder. The RIGHT shoulder.

And here’s the article about him getting surgery on his right shoulder, read here.

Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins will undergo surgery on his separated right shoulder next week, a source said.

It’s fun debating with fans. But when you call me an idiot at least know what the hell you are talking about please.

And of course he comments as anonymous. Coward. Most of the big mouths on the comments are cowards who go by anonymous. I hope his mom takes his computer away from him for this. He just embarrassed the family name, lol.

This anonymous also thinks Mike Jenkins is so great that when is a FA he will set the market for CB’s, lol. These are the Cowboys fans that eat up the Jerry Jones mumbo jumbo about how the Cowboys are ready for a Super Bowl before the window closes.

How about this group of players get out of the bed first before they talk about going thru any open windows. This group has 4 times as many late season collapses as they do playoff wins.

If you are reading this and think you want to comment and tell me off just do us all a favor and skip that step. Just go away. I would like to have a fan base come here that does not have their head up their ass about what this team is and has been for years now.

The rest of the NFL looks at the team and us fans like we are some delusional idiots and I am so tired of that. Having to even post blog entries like this make me sick.


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13 Responses to Jenkins defenders don’t know what they are talking about

  1. Anonymous says:

    You apparently only see what you want to see.

    Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins will undergo surgery on his separated right shoulder next week, a source said.

    (Key sentence)
    Jenkins separated the shoulder multiple times this season,

    Notice it says (re-injured)
    and (re-injured) it in the season finale against the New York Giants last Sunday.

    (Notice it says he couldn’t lift his arm above his head at times this season)
    There were times this season that Jenkins had problems lifting his arm above his head.

    It’s pretty obvious he separated the shoulder early on and kept playing and continued to reinjure that same shoulder with the last time in the giants game.

    • dcfanaticsblog says:

      I just gave your dumbass the video of him hurting his left shoulder on the Plaxico play. HE’S REACHING FOR THE LEFT SHOULDER WITH HIS RIGHT ARM IN THE VIDEO!

      And you still won’t believe it. You can’t be any dumber. lol.

  2. dcfanaticsblog says:

    Another idiot. My name and picture are right on my facebook page. Duh!

  3. dcfanaticsblog says:

    I proved that it was his Right shoulder he’s rehabbing and that he hurt his left shoulder when plaxico hit him.

    Another moron. lol.

    • Lil L says:

      Dc… Im speaking to you directly and I don’t care if you delete this post. Why when someone post something that proves you wrong you Delete the post and only leave what you want others to read, leaving the other person to look stupid in a fashion to make Yourself look better??? This is your site but should have enough integrity to let others voice there opinions and not be the Fidel Castro of the site.. Im just saying..

      • Where was I proven wrong and deleted something? The comments that get deleted are the ones who call me an idiot and hope I get sick again and die.

        I should leave those comments up on a blog I have busted my ass maintaining for seven years?

        That would make me a fucking moron. Which I am not.

        And for the record. Why do you feel like you have any authority to tell me what to do with my site?

        That always baffles when people like write that nonsense.

        Why would I have to act in any manner in which you want me to? Are you my boss? Do you any some kind of ownership in this site?

        Take this however you want, but you are no one with no authority here. And I don’t value your opinion because I know your IP and you have been one of people who like to write rude comments.

        Do us a favor. Go away. Hate this place. Tell your friends you hate it. Whatever. We don’t want you around here. We want fans who want to talk Cowboys in a smart manner with some maturity.

        Because of fans like you who want to start out a comment where you disagree with my blog entry by saying…

        “Shut the fuck up already DC…”t

        Are useless here. You just sound like a spoiled kid who has shitty parents. Being an internet punk gets you idiots off for some reason. When in actuality you are wasting time.

        When you are a grown man you will understand why people like you get nowhere in trying to have a conversation.

        Dont bother commenting anymore because you are on the spam list now.

  4. Seth says:

    I never knew much about Jenkins injury during the season… We don’t really need him but it would be nice to have him and DC I come to your blog all the time. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree but i have to agree that these people are being moronic. I say we trade Jenkins while he has some value even if he was our best corner last year… Also I would love to see us go to a superbowl but we just don’t have the qualities like your average superbowl team. Our quarterback who I support is constantly anchored down by bad things around the team such as offensive line, defense, and before demarco Murray began his nice runs our running game had no impact either. If we go 10 wins or more get atleast 1 playoff win then maybe we can be included in some superbowl talks.

  5. Martin says:

    Just a comment on the second play. It should have been defensive holding. The ball looked to be un-catchable, and Sensabaugh didn’t do much when Ballard actually lept up in an attempt to make the catch.

    Re Jenkins: He’s only harming himself, physically (according to some reports), and reputation-wise as well. The Cowboys have repeatedly stated they are not going to trade him. Of course, if an offer for a second came across the table, they’d let him go, but that’s not going to happen.
    The NFL is a business, yes. However, in this situation, there is not going to be any discussions or negotiations. Jenkins has no leverage. He’s not going to get a new contract, he’s not going to be traded, and finally, he’s not an integral part of the defense, so the coaches or management aren’t overly concerned about him pouting and not showing up for voluntary workouts.

    Why not rehab properly, have a good year, and hit the free agent market with a stellar reputation?
    He’s being overly sensitive, and not achieving anything by staying away from Valley Ranch.

    • tae says:

      He is rehabbing properly just not with the cowboys. He has done anything to me to warrant as much bad blood he is getting. He hasn’t said one word, he is going to be at training camp, he hasn’t said anything about his teammates, and is working out to get in shape. He doesn’t have any leverage but he is going about it the right way. Keeping his mouth shut and leaving fans and the media to speculate about what he is thinking. He isn’t in the top 10 cornerbacks and no one I’ve seen comment so far has said that. He is a solid cornerback that I trust to go man to man with most receivers and actually compete for the ball. You don’t have to like that he is upset about what his role will be. I’m sure he is mad that his position has been given away to someone who hasn’t taken the field yet. I probably would be too. The one thing I heard that pisses me off is when fans say why can’t jenkins just suck it up play the role and be apart of something great. This team is far from great, they’re not even that good until I see it on the field. I just hate when people try to downplay a players contributions to the team because the guys around him sucked. I saw DC say they sucked with him on defense last year but that defense sucked with sean lee, dware, ratliff, hatcher, lissermore, and jenkins. Those are probably the few players that played well last year. I know everyone is tired of losing, I’m super tired, I continue to have hope every offseason and it gets blown in my face by the end of the season. That’s why this year my approach is don’t believe the hype. My phrase is “until I see it”. Until I see mo claiborne play well, until I see dez, lissermore, hatcher, austin, murray, lee, carter, bcarr, church, mattjohnson, crawford, beasley, and a few more breakout, until I see the defense play well, until I see the oline play well, until I see this team stay healthy, until I see us beat the eagles and giants, and until I see us win the superbowl then I will believe the hype.

      • Martin says:

        How do you know he’s rehabbing properly? There was no discussion of being put on the PUP list until he showed up and was checked out. Leaving fans and the media to speculate is a good thing? No, it’s not. It creates a distraction for the team. Everyone knows what he is thinking — he wants to be traded. He failed to communicate with the Cowboys at all, and only just recently supplied them with medical records. Don’t try and say he’s going about it the right way.

        • tae says:

          leaving fans and media to speculate is not a bad thing. This is not a distraction to the players. Its distraction to the fans because you think the players are thinking the same way you are. The players know the business and how it works. I hate when fans think that what they’re thinking is what the players think or do. Tell me one thing that jenkins did that wrong. He asked for a trade after the cowboys started shopping him around. You had no problems when the cowboys tried to trade him or didn’t honor the contract they also signed. Its ridiculous how fans are acting like jenkins is pulling a T.O. and trying to divide the team. He just wants a new contract and he isn’t going to get it this year. You don’t know what jerry told him. Maybe jj said you can’t get a contract this year because of cap problems because of sensabaugh and scandrick contract but they sign bcarr and mo claiborne. Another situation could’ve happen who knows but he hasn’t said anything to be a distraction. He is going to be at training camp. People are making it seem like he is going to miss everything. He missed the otas, its a minor problem. He is reportingo the most important parts training camp, preseason, and regular season.

          • Martin says:

            I just told you what Jenkins did wrong. read the comment. ‘I had no problems when they tried trading Jenkins’? You don’t know what I was thought of that. I’m glad they didn’t. I’d rather have him on the team and play out his contract than be shipped off for minimal compensation.
            How is Jerry Jones not honoring the contract? Please, explain to me how he has voided or breached any of the terms of Jenkins’ contract. I’m not comparing Jenkins to Terrell Owens, either. There is no thinking needed. WE KNOW what Jenkins is thinking. The players KNOW. He’s creating a distraction, as he is the only player not showing up at OTAs. He has no valid excuse other than: wanting to be traded (which isn’t going to happen), or being unhappy. And lastly, you don’t know what Jerry Jones said to Jenkins, either. I never claimed to. (By the way, drafting Morris Claiborne hardly causes any further cap issues).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just looked at the free agent list for cb’s in 2013 and Mike Jenkins may set the market. He was the best db on the list by far.

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