Stephen Jones: Defenses afraid of Dez Bryant, not Miles Austin

Stephen Jones made some pretty interesting comments in praising Dez Bryant on Ben and Skin yesterday…

He says he’s not trying to dis Miles, but he is handing the #1 WR job to Dez Bryant based on potential. Right now Dez Bryant isn’t anywhere near being the 2nd or 3rd best WR in the NFL. Why does this team always feel the need to over value the Cowboys players when they speak publicly. All that does is make him look silly. The player he’s talking about had zero 100 yard receiving games in 2011.

Just let Dez do what he’s doing right now. There have been no major incidents with Dez and he seems to be impressing people at all of these offseason practices. The last thing he needs is Stephen going on the radio telling people he’s better than Miles Austin.

Why not just say we are happy with Dez’s progress and we hope he has a breakout season.

Every year this team has the most talent and they are going to win the Super Bowl. This is what everyone starts saying in the Spring. Then by December they are struggling to get a playoff berth and half of these ‘great’ players aren’t doing enough to win those crucial games.

As a fan it gets so tired. The only players on this team who should be mentioned in the ‘top 2nd or 3rd players in this league at that position’ are Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware. They have played on an elite level for years now.

I want Dez to be the greatest WR ever to play the game. If he does this the Cowboys are going to win a lot of games. But stop putting so much pressure on him already. These players hear these things. Dez will hear about this from friends. Miles will hear about this from friends too.

Sometimes Stephen does things which tell you he’s definitely Jerry Jones son.


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16 Responses to Stephen Jones: Defenses afraid of Dez Bryant, not Miles Austin

  1. Anonymous says:

    WHY IS THIS SHOCKING… The opening game last season the best corner in the game started with Miles than switched to Dez… The was a reason for it…

    • This would a lot more sense if Revis didn’t shut down Dez like a high schooler. Cromartie is the one who let Miles score on him before halftime.

      • AnonymousCowboy says:

        But Revis did not shut him down, a thigh bruise did. Dez caught a stop fade on Revis, and probably would have continued to dominate the game if not for the injury which took out his legs.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you hate this site and everything dcfanatic posts then why are you on it all day, every day posting?

          • Chunk Chavez says:

            That’s to anonymous over there. I understand how that’s a little confusing cos it’s being aasked by anonymous

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    I’ve met Stephen Jones, and I like him personally. But sometimes you have to wonder, is this guy Jerry 2.0?

    The problem with these Cowboys is that they buy their own hype, then can’t sell it in December or in the 4th quarter of crucial games. It’s been like that for way too long.

    Anything less than a Conference Championship or a Super Bowl appearance is unacceptable. That’s the way it is in Dallas.

    I could care less about Dez Bryant. He is underwhelming. What I want to see is a strong line, on both sides of the ball, and a power running game. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • Glenn says:

      You know me, I’m going to agree with your last few sentences. Show me the two strong lines and we can punch a ticket towards the playoffs. If you aren’t strong there, what does it matter what you have at the skill positions. We may have an all new line with new starters at all 5 positions. Playoffs? It will take time to develop the line barring injuries. Can we get more than 5 rushing TD’s? Spags says that no Cowboy team has every had a winning recored with less than 10 rushing TD’s. Who on the defensive line last year or now this year is causing nightmares for OC’s around the league. We don’t have strong lines, so why should we be good in December when you have to get more physical and run the ball or stop the run? Can the skill players compensate for weaknesses of the 2 lines?

  3. Glenn says:

    These players haven’t done anything to him without help from LB’ers. When that happens the team has to make them pay for that. I’ve seen that done with inside / outside coverage on him, but then Dez is sitting one on one. Not what route will Dez run? If teams want to double the WR’s, guess what poison they’ve chosen. Football is about match ups. You can control or take away certain players with coverage schemes but that leaves other opportunities. Can you take advantage of them? With Dez & Miles out as much as they were, teams single covered with wide outs and took their chances to double Witten. Need to understand game plans a little better there “Anonymous”!

    • Glenn says:

      Sorry to see your bulb is getting dimmer! You don’t get it, teams roll coverages and use linebackers to help a safety or CB. Doesn’t matter who the receiver. Kind of defense 101.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    I have to agree with everything Glenn says here. Give me a strong line on both sides of the ball, but especially at the interior, and a power running back, and I’ll beat you every game day and twice on Sundays. Forget about the so-called skill positions. What good is a quarterback without a running back? What good is a receiver with a hamstring injury? What good is either without an offensive line that can run block or pass protect? And what good is the most highly skilled offense without a shut down defense? One that generates pressure up the middle, in the quarterback’s face.

    Football is the most complicated sport, but it’s very simple really. It’s all about blocking and tackling, running the ball and stopping the run. That’s it. You can have the best quarterback in the world, but he can’t throw the ball when he’s buried in the dirt. You can have the best wide out receiver in the world, but it doesn’t matter if he’s limping. It certainly doesn’t matter if his quarterback is buried.

    Give me a strong offensive line, a strong defensive line, and a power running back. Trent Dilfer won with less. Tony Romo hasn’t won with less. So all this talk about Dez Bryant is to my mind ridiculous.

  5. Glenn says:

    I’m sorry I don’t have the games all on tape to provide the “proof” you’re looking for. I can only speak from plays I’ve watched usually when they do an Iso on Witten and see the way they played him. LB’ers dropping with him in coverage or chipping and releasing him to a safety. I’ve seen 2 LB’ers take him early inside and out, then release. Guessing you don’t see these.

    Now he’s not the new age TE, but he runs precise routes and presents himself as a good target. Personally, I had listed him a few years back as having no more than 2-3 productive years left. This is year 3 and he’s held up better than I thought he would. You mention that he doesn’t get a lot of TD’s and you’re correct. It’s bugged me too. Think that has to do with teams knowing first of all, that we can’t run it in, so they play the pass and they key on him as a first option look.

  6. Travis says:

    I can’t take anything serious from a guy that can’t even spell our PRO BOWL TE’s name right. It’s Jason WITTEN not written. And no he isn’t Gonk, Gates, or whoever…he is better, those guys are recieving TE’s. Witten is the whole package he can catch, pass protect, and run block.

  7. Jericho Slim says:

    Bit of an overreaction. Stephen talks for most of the clip that Dez has phenomenal talent but hasn’t reached his potential. Then he says that he thinks teams are more concerned about Dez than Miles, which is something I’m sure he got from more than just guess-work. He talks to his coaches and other people around the league.

    He’s not handing Dez the number 1 job – he’s challenging him to live up to his huge potential. That’s what I want a coach or general manager doing. Hell yeah I want Dez to be challenged and pressured – that’s what competition is all about.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Miles Austin 43 579 13.5 7td

    Miles has a lot more to prove this year than Dez. Dez will be the #1 receiver, he’s been the X receiver all along which is suppose to be the #1 receiver.

  9. Glenn says:

    Recommend that you take the NFL Game Rewind Plus package this year. That will allow you to view not only the game itself but this year the coaches tape! This will show what is really going on out there and you can watch the inside out or over and under coverage used on Witten and our other receivers. I’m sure you’ve heard of teams dropping up to 8 guys in coverage. They usually are doing that against 3-5 receivers & backs on a given play. They always seem to have the numbers advantage and if you do buy the Plus package you’ll see what they do to limit any receiver and what routes they are looking to take away. It’s a must have for the serious fan of the game!

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