Jenkins doesn’t want to share with the Cowboys

Jenkins doesn’t want to share with the Cowboys…

More from Rappaport, read here.

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones said Wednesday that Jenkins (shoulder) more than likely will begin training camp on the physically unable to perform list. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll miss the first six games of the regular season, as the deadline to make that call comes on cut day. But he won’t be participating when it all starts.

Jenkins has requested a trade, and he sat out OTAs. He did show up in minicamp.

As Jones pointed out, however, it’s tough to trade a guy who’s hurt.

“It’s hard, last I checked,” Jones said. “It’s difficult.”

How hurt is Jenkins? And what specifically is the issue with his shoulder? That’s where it gets interesting.

Coach Jason Garrett called Jenkins’ shoulder issue “a little complicated,” but how complicated is the question.

I’m told by a Cowboys source that Jenkins has not communicated with the team regarding his injury. In fact, Jenkins has hardly talked to them. They’d like the dialogue. Yes, he is here being examined by the team’s trainers. But Jenkins’ camp has not shared enough records to satisfy the Cowboys, a team source said. So, it’s not just reporters with whom Jenkins has been silent.

Jenkins has been seeing a specialist for his shoulder, I’m told, visiting with renowned expert Dr. James Andrews. But Jenkins has not passed those findings to the Cowboys, and he hasn’t shared the records. Perhaps he would do so for a team that wanted to trade for him, and maybe this is his way to push for that.

The Cowboys continue to remain in the dark about what’s up with Jenkins’ shoulder. They know he injured it last year, then re-injured it, and is behind in his rehab compared to other guys on the team.

And yet some of you fans are still licking Jenkin’s ass all day long. The dude is a turd. Get rid of him ASAP. The defense will be fine without him. They stunk with him last season so saying he’s a must have player is stupid.


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22 Responses to Jenkins doesn’t want to share with the Cowboys

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get this report, how would they not know his health, if he was with the trainers yesterday and they said he is not going to be ready for training camp, he is going to probably be on pup list. Either nfl network is getting information we aren’t or they’re lying. No other sports news is reporting this, not espn, dallasmorningnews,, or star-telegram. I will have to look on those other sites before I know this as truthful because nfl network has been known to try to cause some untruthful drama when it comes to the dallas cowboys.

    • They didn’t speak to Stephen Jones and Rappaport did. And the issue is that Jenkins went to a Dr. outisde of the Cowboys – Dr. Andrews. He has the medical reports. And Jenkins has to order him to give the reports to the Cowboys. So far he has not done so.

      The NFL Network is making up stories? GTFO.

      Some of you fans are embarrassing.

      • dcfanaticsblog says:

        Give it a rest. Rappaport isn’t lying. And I talked to two other people who said the same thing. Jenkins is being a dick and didn’t share the stuff about seeing Dr. Andrews until he arrived at Valley Ranch.

        And you don’t think Rappaport could have talked to Stephen alone. Guess again. Add to the fact that Stephen was on with Ben and Skin and you have him talking all over the place.

        Stop being a homer. Start loving the TEAM more than individual players. Root for them. But when they start hurting the TEAM with their actions then it’s a problem.

        And of course he’s going back to Florida he lives there. lol.

        • Glenn says:

          Tough when you have 52 guys or 89 on board and 1 guy sitting their holding his paddle. Let’s hope this plays out for the benefit of the team and our season. That’s what matters at this point. Frankly, I’d love to see him signed long term with a cap friendly deal. Not that it will happen, not expecting it. But the guy is a pretty good corner!

      • Lil A says:

        According to Rob on Dallas that info on MJ was false. JJ said that they know everything. Come on bro lay off the gas a lil. You get on one player and rag him out. Dez last year now Jenkins this year. This os the second time u have reported false info on him to make him look bad, first was the tweeter account mow this..

      • CuttyCain says:

        Maybe you should read that Jerry said that they have his records and that there is no issue.

  2. CuttyCain says:

    Hey DC lay off Jenkins a bit bro. What if you were in his shoes? What if you started a job with a guy that has the same position as you, and you were head over heels better than this guy and even came to work sick and still out-performed your peer. But the company decides to give your peer the raise that can’t even touch you with a ten foot pole. How would you feel? Just because NFL network puts out a story doesn’t mean it’s true. Until Jenkins is not a Cowboy he will be loved by most of us. By the way you have a nice website, keep up the Goodwork! Definitely bookmarked in the iPad.

  3. chunk chavez says:

    They sucked with Sean Lee and Demarcus Ware too. I’m not saying he’s not a turd and acting like one but the fact that our defense sucks with so much “talent” goes to show you just how bad the depth and the no names are. It’s the complete opposite of the Johnson era. You just have to consider the alternative. Scandrick at nickel and then who plays dime? I don’t know and I don’t want to know based on their corner depth in the past. I’m not licking his ass either. I’m saying by all means trade him if you can get something good for him but if not he’s way better than all of our corners beside claiborne and carr.

  4. VA Hustla says:

    I agree Chunk

  5. Glenn says:

    I’ve watched this guy Rappoport for a few weeks and his take on audio’s that we’ve all seen is a bit out there. I question if this was an accurate story or not. Saw it live and it didn’t make sense that Jenkins camp would hold out the reports but would share it with potential suitors.

    As for keeping or trading him, I’m all for keeping him, taking the compensatory pick and getting a quality CB for one more season. His being injured and possibly starting on the PUP list won’t enhance his trade value if it was being considered.

  6. The Soothsayer says:

    The Cowboys won’t trade Jenkins for one simple reason. He has no trade value.

    Stephen Jones is exactly right. You can’t trade an injured player, because the partner in the trade doesn’t know what he’s getting. So, no deal.

    There must be a reason why Jenkins won’t release his medical file to Dallas. Perhaps it’s because the file contains information that he doesn’t want other teams to know, information that would lower his trade value.

    At this point, he’s worth, what, maybe a 7th round pick. Jenkins as a backup this year is better than a 7th round pick next year.

    There are only two ways this sordid story will work out. 1. Jenkins plays well in the pre-season and gets the trade he supposedly wants. 2. Jenkins plays well in the regular season and becomes a free agent next year.

    But no one is going to trade for him now. And no one is going to sign him if he doesn’t play well. It’s that simple and that obvious.

    • Glenn says:

      Realize too we can have him as a quality CB for the season, looking to put some good tape together to impress teams in free agency. We’d get a compensatory pick which would be anywhere from a 3rd to 5th round pick. Last I checked that’s better than a 7th round pick today with his injury. You’re correct no trade is happening with him injured that would blow away the compensatory pick.

  7. DaBoogityMan says:

    Recieving a comp pick for Jenkins is not a sure thing & even if we do get that additional pick for him, we will not get it until the 2014 draft.

  8. Glenn says:

    On the team website Jerry says that the team has the medical records. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this guy spin something in words I didn’t hear. Did it to Garrett’s words a few weeks ago and we all know he says nothing of interest or controversial. Not that Jerry doesn’t spin the language, but this guy doesn’t have credibility to me. Doesn’t make sense for Jenkins to play cat and mouse with the team if he want’s to be traded. Screwing around won’t help him. Come in, be professional. Jerry can stash him on the IR list and that would cost him big money on his free agent contract that he’s looking forward to! Not sure he’ll get that 8-10M he wants next year if he doesn’t show his game this year.

    • Where is the false reporting. The Cowboys did not get them until yesterday after the report came out.

      The Cowboys had no idea he visited with Dr. Andrews until he showed up three days ago.

      They just got the medical records yesterday.

      What Rappaport reported was total truth. Of course there is no issue now because they have received the records after the report came out.

      So Jenkins goes to another Dr. for second opinion and doesn’t tell the Cowboys until he gets to Minicamp.

  9. Mike A says:

    Jenkins played through a bum shoulder and torn labrum all of last season and played well. You dont just cut or trade a first round pick thats got the best part of his carear infront of them. The only reason this is a “story” is because Mike Jenkins is a cowboy. Most teams have allot more holdouts and issues when it comes to contracts than in Dallas. Ill be laughing at you when this “turd” is making plays to help win games this season.

    • CuttyCain says:

      For real Mike! Why Jenkins getting all the hate. We true fans because we back our players until they not Cowboys. Mike Jenkins is no different.

  10. bonnieman42 says:

    I’m surprised that a player would be able to get away with withholding medical reports from their employer, shouldn’t that be some sort of breach of contract?

    I’m neither a Jenkins hater or apologist but the way he has conducted himself this off season hasn’t done himself any favours. I want to see Jenkins playing in a Cowboys uniform next season but not if he becomes poison.

    PS. lol at Heath Evans what a clown, he almost makes Marshall Faulk look like Rowdy!

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