Heath Evans: The One Trick Pony!

Heath Evans: The One Trick Pony!

I can’t wait to see both Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne shut this chump up during the 2012 NFL season.


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6 Responses to Heath Evans: The One Trick Pony!

  1. Martin says:

    i hate heath evans. I highly doubt he would know anything about the ‘heart’ or ‘toughness’ or Claiborne or Carr. The talent on defense he was referring to… The secondary was as bare as they come. Most of the NFL Network analysts are chumps these days.

  2. Glenn says:

    Evans thinks or wants to be the GM. He’s been harping on the Finnegan & Rogers bandwagon for a few months and it gets old. They opted to go in a different direction, end of story. To get Claiborne for a 2nd round pick was one of the steals of the draft. True he has to perform as advertised. There is some serious venom coming from Evans has he has never said a good word about our team or any players. If he goes anywhere near giving someone a prop, it’s followed by a “but”. He praises his former teams and backs them. New Orleans is no longer a team that should be praised for everything they do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who hired this idiot, who is more bias than opinionated? Evans should save up his monies so that he can buy a franchise or get into personnel for a club if he thinks he’s that good at picking players. Either or I don’t want to hear this everytime he speaks on the Cowboys… HaTEr.

  4. I agree says:

    Be glad when the season starts and Evans is gone and in comes the playmaker and primetime nfl 32 is now better than the nfl network

  5. scottmaui says:

    guy says we should have taken Dre K because he’s taller than Mo, then says we should have gotten Finnegan instead of Carr… even tho he’s 2 inches shorter… lol.

    • Glenn says:

      Evans feels that Finnegan plays with more attitude. Guess Carr has to get tossed for a fight on the field with a WR to please Evans. Remember he played with the Saints during their years under the bounty system. Feels that the Cowboys don’t have that attitude

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