Broaddus: Stock up on Scandrick, down on Arkin

A couple of observations from Bryan Broaddus who was out at the minicamp practice today, read here.

Thought that Orlando Scandrick had a really nice day of practice. In the first play of team drills, Dez Bryant tries to run a slant inside but Scandrick quickly reads the route, jumps inside and cuts him off. Romo is looking at Bryant the whole way but has to hold the ball. Coverage was so good that Romo has to go back to the other side of the field. Later in the period, Holmes tries to run an out on Scandrick but there is no separation. Holmes is in such bad shape against Scandrick that he slips and falls as the ball sails out of bounds.

I am one of those scouts that really liked David Arkin when he came out of college because of his athletic ability and toughness. The biggest question I had of him was his strength. With one offseason in the books, I really believed that he was going to be a much stronger player but in these practices, I really haven’t seen that. It’s really a shame that Mackenzy Bernadeau has been unable to practice. Arkin has been the starter at right guard but today, Ronald Leary took some reps at the spot with the 1’s which I do not see as a bad thing. Leary plays with much more power and strength than Arkin. With Doug Free on that right side, you need a power player next to him. Where Arkin has struggled is when he gets overextended and that happens because he is trying to stop the charge of the defender. His feet are more than good enough but when you don’t have power in your upper body, it’s hard to extend and keep the defender off you. Until we see Bernadeau, this right guard spot will need to be continually studied.

David Arkin is another Robert Brewster. They are good pass protecters at their small schools, but at the NFL level they are overmatched by the average defender’s power.

What annoys me is that this team has missed so badly on guys like Brewster you would think they change the philosophy on going after guys from small schools who are not powerful.

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1 Response to Broaddus: Stock up on Scandrick, down on Arkin

  1. lostar2009 says:

    Give it time DC… it took free 3 years , Ark in may need one more year before you call him a bust.

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