TMac and Calvin talk about Jenkins showing up

Here’s Calvin Watkins and Tim MacMahon talkng about Mike Jenkins showing up for the minicamps this week even though he can’t practice…

ESPNDallas – June 11th

Jenkins has shown up. Big whoop. He is still gonna be whining all summer if he’s playing behind Orlando Scandrick.

Here’s physical proof he is there…lol.

Of course I photoshopped that, lol.


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5 Responses to TMac and Calvin talk about Jenkins showing up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you or any other media members actually received an official statement from Jenkins or his agent that would indicate that he’s “whining” about his current role with the team? Since the draft, all I’ve seen are reports that indicate a “source” said this or that about how he felt. At this point it may not even be that big of a deal to him anymore. You might be too dumb to know that you’re too dumb bro, that may be why you’re so willing to shovel this kind of BS all over the internet.

    • Hey STUPID.

      The guy didn’t show up for OTA’s so the team could look at his shoulder.

      Then he asked to be traded.

      That’s whining Einstein. You don’t know this because that size small Jenkins jersey you bought back in 2008 is too tight and no blood flow is getting to your peanut sized brain.


  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Well, obviously Anonymous is not a friend of a friend, but he sounds like a real asshole to me.

    As far as Mike Jenkins goes, he overvalues himself. If he can’t beat out Orlando Scandrick in training camp, he’ll never get the contract he thinks he so richly deserves.

    This is all Jerry Jones’s fault. He keeps players around for far too long and overpays them. The highest paid roster in the league could only go 8-8 last year? Whose fault is that?

    Blame the players. Blame the coaches. I blame the general manager who hired them all.

    This will be a defining season. If these Cowboys don’t at least advance in the playoffs, we’re looking at years of decrepitude, sports fans. Get used to it.

    • Glenn says:

      I disagree with you slightly on this season Soothsayer. Sorry but I don’t see this team making the playoffs, but I see improvement and big upside the next 2 years.

      When I analyze this team we have 2 huge question marks remaining. THe offensive and defensive lines. The offensive line is potentially all new. Flipping tackles and the inside slots at least 2 new guards and 50/50 on a new center. That will be a work in progress. What are the biggest strengths of our division rivals, the Eagles & Giants (0-4 last year)? To me it’s their defensive lines. One teams weakness is countered by the other teams strength. The inability to be confident in the O line, shrinks the play book to deal with shorter drops and quicker passes. I’m expecting 2-4 screen plays each game, in the first half of the season, to get the O line active and more effective to counter the inexperience together and reduce the pressure slightly.

      On the defensive front, we’re ok against the run, but provide little to no pressure up the middle. I’ve watched every game in slow motion to watch the defensive front and rarely see push and certainly not on a regular basis. How Ratliff made the Pro Bowl amazed me as he gets stood up all too often with even a single blocker on him. THought extending him last year was a bad move. Spears, Hatcher, Coleman & Lissemore aren’t keeping OC’s up at night. Thought Lissemore was maybe the most effective of the bunch with limited snaps. No push from them allows teams to wash out Spencer very easily and QB’s love to step inside as he comes up field with his “pressures” and they have a clean pocket.

      Our season, Soothsayer, comes down to the first part of how can we do within our division. Personally, I think we have to win 4 games but no less than 3 to have any shot at the playoffs. We were 2-4 last year. We don’t have Rex to kick around for those 2 wins so they won’t be any gimmies either. Did we close the gap on the Eagles who thrashed us? We certainly did everything we could to make Eli a top QB last year. Outside the division we have 10 games and need to win no less than 6 and as many as 8 to get in. Of those 10 games, the toughest teams we will face, at least on paper as of June 13th are the Steelers, Ravens, Atlanta, New Orleans & Chicago. The other opponents aren’t slouches, but that’s the NFL. Tampa Bay will be vastly improved or should be. Cincy & Carolina won’t be easy and we like to make QB’s look great so those will be tough.

      Now Romo always gives us a chance to win, but can he overcome basically a new OL this year? I can see us with as many as 11 wins because Romo will get us the lead in the majority of games. Interesting stat that Spagnoulo keeps bringing up is that no Cowboy team in its history has had a winning record with less than 10 rushing TD’s. None. We had all of 5 last year and only 2 from more than 5 yards out. The ability or inability of the running game will factor into our success or failures this year.

      But I see great upside over the next few years if this O line can improve and we can develop some of the rookies from this year and last year on the defensive side of the ball. Add in some DL next year through the draft and we’ll be better than many think. We’ve been weak on the lines for too long and the record proves it. We have skill players on offense, Romo, Witten, Miles, Dez & Murray, Ware on the defense, now Claiborne in the mix with Lee, Carr & maybe Carter. Trenches have to improve. This isn’t flag football!

  3. Cindi says:

    Jenkins is smiling. Is it a fake smile for the cameras while cussing under his breath? Is it because he likes the attention? Is he really happy to be here?
    I read somewhere that he doesn’t like Dallas. He wants to be close to Florida. That’s a rumor of course, but why play pro football if you want to be home?
    Jenkins is a mystery to me. I guess we will see how this plays out – on the field and in the front office.

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