Is this a make or break season for Dez Bryant?

Is this a make or break season for Dez Bryant?

Recently Dez Bryant has been saying all the right things. And he’s looking better on the field at the OTA’s. Everyone seems to be thinking he may finally be getting the hang of being a professional football player.

The problem is that it’s June, not September. Stay on track Dez.


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One Response to Is this a make or break season for Dez Bryant?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    The day Dez Bryant was drafted and given the No. 88, I said way too much is expected of this kid. He’ll never be another Drew Pearson or a Michael Irvin, anymore than Tony Romo will be another Roger Staubach or a Troy Aikman.

    These guys have to make names for themselves. And the only way to do that is to win a championship. It’s just the way it is in Dallas.

    But it goes to my basic philosophy of football. It’s a running game. That’s why it’s called FOOTball. This season will turn on Murray, Tanner and Jones. And on the offensive line.

    I’m not a big fan of this pass happy league. The teams that will win will have a strong running game. That’s what sets up the play action pass. But if you don’t have a line that can run block and pass protect, you’re not going to win very many football games.

    I don’t care who the quarterback is. Danny White never made it to the Super Bowl. Dan Marino made it to one, lost and never went back.

    I don’t care who the receiver is. Chris Carter never played in a Super Bowl. Nor did Chad Ochocinco. Terrel Owens played in one, lost, and never made it back.

    It’s about balance between running and passing. If you can’t do both, you don’t have a football team. And it all depends on the line.

    Anyone who thinks Dez Bryant or Tony Romo is going to win a chamionship is delusional. It will be the line and the running back who wins. Troy Aikman wouldn’t be a champion today if it weren’t for the offensive line and Emmitt Smith. Michael Irvin and Jay Novacek helped, but seriously it was all the line and the running back.

    When the Cowboys get back to what’s real, they will win. Until such time, all we can do is bitch about it. And I blame Jerry Jones, or more accurately the demon in possession of him.

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