Phillip Tanner has great chance to be next ‘Laurent Robinson’

Phillip Tanner could be this season’s Laurent Robinson if either Felix Jones or DeMarco Murray goes down with an injury…

Tanner talks Cowboys with New School on 105.3 The Fan

I love me some Phillip Tanner. Smart guy who is doing all he can to take advantage of the opportunity he was given last season.

We all know Felix Jones has a long list of injuries on his short NFL resume and Tanner has played well when Garrett gave him some carries last season.

And who could forget this inspirational run…

Got a gut feeling Jason Garrett is going to get Tanner ready this season to take over the #2 RB job for the next few years while Felix plays in the last year of his rookie contract.


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9 Responses to Phillip Tanner has great chance to be next ‘Laurent Robinson’

  1. Love me some PT man!

  2. Glenn says:

    He showed enough that it made you want to see more of him. See what he could do. Given that this is the last year for Felix under current deal, we may need a new #2. Hopefully, he makes it more interesting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Passing League backs are not irrelevant but who is kidding who here teams Pass 1st to set up the run… Cowboys will play teams like Ravens,Steelers,Bears,Falcons,Saints as well as our division… You better move the ball through the air To have a shot…

    • Glenn says:

      Recommend that everyone read Bob Sturm’s latest blog on FoxSports Southwest. He goes into some depth on the problems of the O line and how it affects the play calling, route running, running game, etc. Short, quick routes are all that are able when you don’t trust the O line holding up. He’s bringing it to the forefront that the inability to have an offensive line capable of running the ball and in pass protection is the single biggest problem facing this team. I often speak of the weakness of the squad of below league average players, but most of what remains as weak players are the two lines of scrimmage.

      • A big reason they went to the quick passing game was because Romo was playing with banged up ribs for half the season. Now the reason his ribs were shot is because of Kyle Kosier playing like crap.

        I agree 100% with Bob because I do not trust this line at all. And we may be talking about Tyron Smith having a slow start as he settles in at the Left Tackle job. I really hope Costa isn’t the starting Center come September.

        • Glenn says:

          Absolutely correct on the ribs being just another reason why the play calling was as limited as it was. Think of all the quick slants we run? We tried using those quick drops and yet still had 30+ sacks on Romo. That’s one of the reasons why they beefed up in the middle. They really have to improve the running game to control the defensive schemes against them and open up the field. That would be a huge key. Murray & probably Tanner more can pound a defense to wear them down. Thought’s Sturms piece laid it out there pretty good in that the predictability of our offense enables defenses to pack it in and limit what we can do.

  4. John says:

    I really didn’t like that new rule. I know they are trying to protect runners, but in every time I saw a runner lose his helmet I never once saw the defense stop. I think that rule didn’t help at all, I think it just helped the defense stop the offense on occasions. Think about it, when the referees blow the play dead, it usually takes a good 4-5 sec for everyone to hear the whistle and stop, by that time he could have been hit already, I just hope that in one case a runner feels his helmet come off and stops like the play is over but defense keeps going and he leaves himself wide open for a hit unlike if he would have just kept going.

  5. trey says:

    that run was against guys who probaly got cut the following week…don’t be so quick to name the next “robinson”

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