More likely to bounce back in 2012: Cowboys or Eagles?

More likely to bounce back in 2012: Cowboys or Eagles?

Heath Evans will not give up on the horseshit about taking Finnegan over Carr. And why would some mediocre Fullback think he’s an expert on the type of CB Rob Ryan wants for his defense anyway? lol.

The more I hear this guy talk the less I think Jason Garrett wanted him on his coaching staff. They had no history together and they are from different planets when it comes to dealing with the media. I think Jerry axed Wade and then saw there was not a whole lot of great 34 coaches out on the market will to work for him and Garrett.


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5 Responses to More likely to bounce back in 2012: Cowboys or Eagles?

  1. Michael says:

    Additionally, HEATH…Finnegan did not want to come to Dallas. It has nothing to do with who is better. He signed with the Rams before Carr signed with Dallas. It’s S-I-M-P-L-E!

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    This will be a defining season for Garrett and Ryan both. Dallas has upgraded its offensive line and backfield and secondary and staff, so now it’s up to the coaches. If the Cowboys go 8-8 again, or even 9-7 which would be an improvement, and miss the playoffs, or if they go 10-6, win the division and lose in the playoffs, the writing will be on the wall.

    The bottom line is this. These Cowboys have to go deep into the playoffs, at least to the conference championship, in order to garner any respect. Because if they miss the playoffs or lose in the first round, the fan base will erupt.

    Fanatic understands me. I grew up on the Cowboys. I’ve seen them at their best and I’ve seen them at their worst. These last 16 seasons have been a nightmare. I’m tired and sick of the losing. When I was a kid, the Cowboys were always winning football games, always in the playoffs, in the conference championship, in the Super Bowl. I thought it was the natural order of the universe, the Cowboys winning. I suppose a lot of fans feel that way, given how popular the team remains even during these hard times.

    The late 60s, the 80s, the late 90s, the 2000s were extremely frustrating. It’s now time for these Cowboys to get their act together and get back to what’s real, the Cowboys winning football games. Because if they don’t or can’t, there will be hell to pay.

    I blame Jerry Jones, or more accurately the demon in possession of him, for 16 seasons with only one playoff victory. We either need a new general manager or an exorcist, or both. Things have got to change.

    As far as Garrett and Ryan go, I just don’t like either one of them. I try to like them, but don’t. It says a lot about a person when you try to like him, but don’t.

    Of course, if they go all the way and win the Super Bowl, I’ll love them. But until such time, I just don’t like them. The fans said the same about Landry in the 60s and the 80s. They said the same about Johnson in the very early 90s. They said the same about Switzer. And they’ve said the same about every coach since.

    These Cowboys simply have got to win football games and championships. Or the Dallas media and the fan base will crucify them.

    • Glenn says:

      You and I have been on board since or near the start for this franchise. This is proudly my 50th season on board with our Boys. We do need to remember that the great years were before free agency and it’s effect. Also too, Landry was literally way ahead of other coaches for many years. He out coached every one other than Lombardi. Remember how the teams would come out and just rip off great starts under Landry? You just don’t see coaches being out coached anymore on any regular basis. Albeit the red head had a brain freeze in Phoenix.

      Jerry hasn’t found success (as we know) since the free agency era began. I see a different path by Jerry with Garrett around as coach. The draft has a different philosophy in what they are doing. I didn’t see the reach for an AOA type project. Their selections were all high motor players, play makers, team captains. The projects are now college free agents, not draft choices. Just different. Personally I thought we had about 8-10 positions that were in need of serious improvements. I’m hopeful but don’t know that we’ve improved enough to make the playoffs or not, but it will be interesting. I’m thinking that no matter the season, the record that Jerry stays the course with Garrett and this new philosophy to mimic the more successful teams who build through the draft. I’m not a fan of Garrett’s but if continuity and a change in philosophy gets us where we want to go, I’m all in!

  3. Anonymous says:

    the first thing I want to say is heath evans is an idiot. His points makes no sense. I think rob ryans the perfect coach to pair with garrett. They’re complete opposite but I think ryan is the moh piece for garrett.

  4. Glenn says:

    Evans has been beating that drum for Finnegan for a long time now. He didn’t want to come here and wasn’t our first choice. Honestly, he’s not the kind of guy Garrett wants on his team, wasn’t happening.

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