Jason Garrett: Romo is the leader of the Cowboys

Here’s Jason Garrett o NFL32 today talking about the Cowboys getting ready for the 2012 season…

I love how Garrett keeps pointing out that Jenkins is the only guy not showing up, lol.

Get this team in the playoffs or you are fired. Period, point blank.


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2 Responses to Jason Garrett: Romo is the leader of the Cowboys

  1. WestCoast_Cowboys'N'Kings says:

    DC do you really think JG will get canned if we dont make the playoffs this season?
    Look at this off-season compared to the off-seasons with Wade. Seems like night and day difference. Even if we dont win it all this season i think JG is doing a great job getting these players to compete like they never would before.

    • Nanonymous says:

      He did a great job throwing games last year, with timeoutgate in Arizona, giving the game away against the Lions, and getting so conservative against the Pats that he thought scoring 16 points against a Tom Brady would be good enough to win. High school coaches would have done better.

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